Harley gone but never forgoten

by Samantha Beach

I guess I was about 11 when I found my little harley outside of my grandparents house. When I saw him I knew that God had put him here just for me. I was going through a hard time my parents where getting a divorce. I was starting a new school, and never had many friends. When I first got him everyone told me not to get to attached someone could show up and say hey thats my dog and take him away, but noone ever came. After a while my dad let me give him a name...so I decided I would call him harley. I had had him for 4 allmost 5 years and a month after my 16th birthday, it was a normal day I let him out and went to school, but when I got home my whole world got turned upside down. My baby had been bit by a snake and the vet tryed all he could but by the next morning my baby was gone. It was so unexpected I cryed myself to sleep for 2 weeks straight. It has been a little over a year since his death and I will wake up at night and think of him or cry myself to sleep becase I miss him so much. Sometimes I blame myself I think that if I hadnt gotten in such a rush that morning and put him in the house, he would still be with me today. Everyone says that I am crazy and that he was just a dog that I need to get over it but it is harder than tha he was my best friend, he was my son, he was my heart. There will never be another dog that can take his place...I just wish I could have one more day with him to run around in the yard to watch him follow me on that four-wheeler, to let him ride with me on the four-wheeler, One day so that I dont have to cry... Just one more day, but I know that if I get one more day I will just keep wishing for more. If i could have 3 wishes right now One would be that I could have one more day with him Two would be that I could know that he is ok where ever he is and Three would be that I could see him and give him that one last kiss on the head that I never got to give him because I was to big of a baby to go into the room to see him knowing it would probrobly be the last time I would see him. I miss him with all my heart and my heart is broken beyond repair...there is noone that can ever fix it or replace the spot he has in my heart.

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Nov 20, 2012
Harley gone but never forgotton
by: Doreen U.K.

Samantha I am sorry for your loss of Harley. It is true when we ask for just one more day it won't be enough. By human nature we want more. More time with our loved ones. For our loved ones to live to old age so that we will have the good times forever.
I don't think we could better our lives. Often we reach the peak of where we can go in any relationship, whether being a parent, a sibling, or extended family. We are probably living the best way we could and can't improve on this. We should be content where we are and not blame ourselves when things go wrong. And even if they do we will have to forgive ourselves for the wrong choices we make. Even if it is letting the dog or the cat out and it comes to harm and dies. You can't replace Harley, but you could keep a Harley journal and write everything about your dog and your relationship. you will have forever and this will comfort you. Then in time go on to have another dog or other pet when you are ready. so you can pass on all the love you have. Don't deprive yourself of having another relationship that will provide you with rich memories. We can't hold on to people, pets, or material possessions too tightly. Hold everything and everyone loosely so that we can release them when the time comes to go where they have to go to be at peace. Where we can also part with our material possessions to give to others to benefit their life. Because when we die we take nothing and no one with us.

Nov 18, 2012
by: judith in California

Samantha, I'm so sorry for your loss of your best friend Harley. Don't let anyone tell you to get over it. It takes time to deal with the death of a pet or person.

They don't understand and won't until they go through a death of their own. Pets become our furry children and we love them so much. AND they give us so much back.

I have lost two pets in the past two years and I still miss them so. One of them was named Harley the other Baby Bear.

You will , in time, move forwrd and learn to love another doggy someday. Just give yourself some time to adjust to this loss.

God has him now and he is happy in Rainbow Ridge.

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