Harry my Best Friend!

by Jeana Lewis

I got Harry as a 6week old Shih Tzu Puppy...He had pneumonia.(unknown to us) and awful breathing problems.. at 2am ..I got a bowl of hot water , put some menthol drops in and sat with him under a towel for hours to keep him breathing! By 8am he was still alive and I whisked him off to the vets! he was put in hospital for a week, but then I learnt he also had hydracephalus.(water on the brain)...The Head Vet told me because of this he'd be lucky to survive 2/3yrs! I was devastated..

He was a fighter,and with my family's love and care he lived for 14yrs! He became ill last December,he had tumour in his stomach..I pleaded with the vet to operate and remove it..He couldn't remove all of it and done his best to reconstruct the stomach..We were all devastated...He lived for 3 months after, when his pain was now frequent..We decided we couldnt let our lil'man suffer anymore...He was euthanised on March 17th 2011...when he died, I went into shock...My heart was utterly broken! I died with him that day..Ive cried every day since...I cant stop...my little Harry was gone..my baby...
He wasn't just a dog, he was my Best Friend, my Confidante, my life..He was a tough little guy, grumpy sod at times, made me laugh a lot! farted & belched! but he was just being Harry! He knew when I was happy and when I was sad, tired, stressed..he was my buddy who made things right for me again..
I am still grieving so much, but I know he's in heaven now and is happy...I have his ashes in an urn ,in my bedroom..I kiss the urn evry night and say 'night night' just like always....
I know one day we,ll be reunited and thats what keeps me going..
If you too have lost a pet, my Heart goes out to you! Keep well and take your time in the process..My days are getting better, but my heart,s still broken, it takes as long as it takes to feel in control again, but Im getting there!! xx

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Jun 11, 2011
Blessed Harry
by: Jesse

Dear, Jeana you were surely blessed to have Harry with you for 14 more years when the professionals gave him gave him two to three years. Seems like that they forgot to mention with a lot of love from the family and friends he may live a long prosperous life. I feel you for I am struggling with the loss of my Mimi. My Mimi had a huge impact on me, my life. Thank you for sharing your words on your Harry.

May 03, 2011
by: jeana..UK

Dear Sabrina, Thanks you so much for your reply...Yes we were best friends! I'm taking it one day at a time, and when I'm ready I,ll get another pup, maybe a rescue dog who needs a loving home! Ive got so much Love to give...
God Bless xx

May 02, 2011
Deepest condolences
by: Snowbell

Dear Jeana,

So, so sorry to read about the passing of your beloved, Harry. He does truly sound like he was your best friend and you were certainly his. The life and care you gave in for 14 years was truly wonderful and do try to take comfort in knowing that you gave him 110% of joy and love every day of his life. Best wishes in dealing with the loss of your beloved family member and best friend.

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