Haydon Gage West 2 years 5 months and one day beaten to death

by Linda Kimbro
(Manchester, Tn usa)

Haydon West 10/8/2007-03/09/2010

Haydon West 10/8/2007-03/09/2010

My daughters story is the same as all, a single mother trying to make it with the fathers involvement. My daughter and I, Haydon's Nana, loved him beyond anything in this world. He was always laughing and forever getting into stuff; he had more energy than any baby I have seen.

Renee was living alone and she was always trying to find that special someone to be a good daddy for Haydon and then she ran into the monster. She didn't know he was a monster, he didn't have a pitch fork or tail. He was a normal looking guy.

My daughter allowed him to stay at her house and it was only suppose to be for a week, but one day, March 9, 2010, she had to be in court as a witness in a child custody case and she left our baby with the monster; she didn't have anyone else.

She was on the phone with the monster all day texting and just keeping up with what was going on at home, never once did he say anything was wrong..and so right as she got off of the witness stand, she got a call from the EMS to meet them at the hospital, that her son had a asthma attack.

when she got to the hospital, she found out that her beautiful baby boy was dead and that it looked like he had been beaten to death. She called me and I was already on my way to the hospital; she was screaming Haydon was dead he was dead oh my god the pain and hurt and the shock and disbelief, what to do, what to do.

Our precious baby is gone and we can not go on..she is running and not accepting this; she is letting people take advantage of her and there is nothing I can do.

I can not deal with all that is going on. I have run anyone that I possibly can run out of my life. I see my baby boy running across the room, I see him playing outside, I see him in Wal mart. I don't know how to go one it just hurts too much. He destroyed my family, my life, my everything.

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Dec 30, 2012
Missing You
by: Grandma

Dear Haydon I hope that God gave you a great Christmas this year 2012. Each day that has gone by I think about you and miss you with all my heart. As each day passes I still remember your face and how much love you had. Each day I go to work I have you next to me so that I can keep going I may not be able to hold you or talk to you but in my heart you are always here. Maybe some day when its my time I will be able to hold you and tell you how much I miss you. Untill then may God keep you safe. Love you for every Grandma

Mar 29, 2012
justice served
by: Anonymous

Finally the day of justice has come, this monster will forever remain guilty for he was found in court as we all knew he was that sad, terrible day... May he finally rest in peace..

Mar 14, 2012
We miss you with all our heart
by: Grandma

Haydon is also my grandson and each day that goes by does not make it any easier. I keep a photo of my grandson on my desk,computer,wallet and every where in my house. Haydon was the most special boy in the world he was so happy and had so much to live for. Why this monster took away suck a wonderful boy God is the only one that can answer that. But with court coming up I pray that this man receives all he has coming, I was thinking today about when I would feed haydon lunch and play the bumble bee song he would laugh and have so much fun. Playing out side at his aunt tisha playing in the sand box was his favorite or just sitting in a box. My heart aches so much with out haydon around. Just writing this down makes me cry why why why I just don't understand. I have home movies and we watch them all the time sure wish I could take more. To all that have beautiful babies watch who keeps your kids you never know what could happen Haydon grandma sure misses you so so so much

Aug 19, 2011
So sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

Nothing i can say can make you feel better or even take the pain away.I just want you to know we feel the same way you do,no child need to suffer! like you said no tail no pitch folk.My heart aches for these babies, too many monsters in this world something needs to be done and done fast. Sending love to you and your daughter may you find peace Haydon is in a better place god bless you both x

Apr 06, 2011
The Worst Kind of Grief. A dead child.
by: E. Angus

I am so sorry for your loss, it must be unendurable. He was such a beautiful little boy, they all are. I hope you can find peace in your heart and turn this tragedy into something good.
Stay strong.

Mar 21, 2011
Wee man Haydon
by: Sinead

Hello. I have just come across this and I am so so sorry for what you are going through. He is gorgeous and will remain gorgeous.
I have NO WORDS to make you feel better. I wont be able to say anything that will make your heart better. I am so sorry for you.
I hope that pig gets whats coming, trust us all, there is always an end to a bad road.
Thinking of you, my heart aches for you

Nov 30, 2010
Im so sorry for all of you
by: Anonymous

To you, your daughter, your grandson and the rest of your family, I am so upset at the fact you have to deal with what this write-off did, and that there is not really any way of dealing with it. You still have to live knowing what happened, and knowing that that piece of filth still gets fed.

Please remember now a happy moment with Haydon, and in the warmth you feel in thought, receive my love and cares.
Put a flower up for Haydon from everyone who has visited this page, and next time you visit him sing his favourite song and I will sing it with you.

Love from New Zealand.

May 25, 2010
Thank you all
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments, we are working to the good of our community to make things better for child abuse is everyone's business. We are working on Haydon's Place it will be a child drop off day to day care if you have something to do your child can be left at a safe place and hopefully it will all be free. No more kids left with a boyfriend. Look it up on Face book Haydon Gage West RIP


May 25, 2010
He's in Jesus's arms now
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful boy. These young women need to raise their babies alone. You don't need a man. It seems every time I see stories on children beaten to death, it involves the mother's boyfriend. You owe it to your children to really know these men you bring into your children's lives. These kids have no choice, they are dependent on your decisions. I am so sorry for your loss Haydon, was just adorable.

May 24, 2010
I am so sorry
by: Sandy

I just had to reach out to you to say I am so sorry. I have 2 grandchildren, 3 and 4. I can only imagine the anger and the sorrow that you are feeling. I too understand the "running people out of your life". I have done the same thing since my husband died. I can't deal with the life I had before, so no matter how hard it is, I'd rather just have no one. Grief is a terrible thing. I suppose they are right when they say it is natural, but it has changed me forever. I will pray for you....please hang in there.

May 23, 2010
To Haydons Nana
by: Dee

Karma is real, this monster will get what he deserves.

Hold onto the beautiful memories you have and know in your heart that your wonderful boy is in a place without pain and without tears.

Love your daughter unconditionally, let her know that she will always have your arms to run home to.
I will keep your family in my heart.

May 20, 2010
In a sense I feel your pain
by: Rianna

Being a single mother myself, I cannot imagine the pain you all must go through everyday. And to know that you yourself cannot go and beat this vicious bastard until he hurts like Haydon did must be agonizing.

I'm so sorry for your loss. No parent/grandparent should ever have to experience what you are.

And to the bastard that sits in jail, probably wondering "gee, why am I here," I hope you rot in hell for taking that child's life. He didn't do anything to you. Maybe he cried a little bit because he wanted his mom...but did that warrant a merciless beating? Oh I doubt it very seriously, Mister. Makes me wonder how many others you've done this to and didn't get caught.

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