He died Aug 19, 2011

My brother WilliM Wright died I month ago today . He went into the hospital and for 1 week things started breaking down and On that Friday I was on my way from Pa to see him in the hospital and when I got to Ohio they told me that he was gone .....It has been a very hard month ... sometimes I feel like no one understands . or they think that I should be over this by now ,,,and I am not .also I was the one that I had to be the go between for the services ... I also I had lost a twin brother years ago in a murder and I was very close to my twin we were put in foster homes just me and him . out of 7 of us .. then when Tim died William and I got close ,,,, Before my William my sister Barb died from cancer and then my real parents also are gone .every one died at a early age . I still have 2 brothers left and a half sister ..How long do I deal with this why cannot I go on with my life and forget about it .I know that people say that we are suppose to move forward but sometimes it is very difficult .sometimes you dont see any good in the future the only one that is good is Jesus he has always been there ..no matter what but I cannot get rid of these feelings and memories .Does any one have any advice

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Sep 23, 2011
you are loved
by: Anonymous

Jesus loves you. He sees you, knows your pain, hears your cries. Turn to Him, return to Him, and you will be freed. Read the Book of John in the Bible, it will give you hope.

Jesus said, "My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life." John 10:10 (NLT)

God Bless

Sep 21, 2011
One breath at a time

All you can do is put one foot in front of the other and move through the day. If you can't manage to do that just get though the moment one breath at a time.

You have had to much going on just to "get Over it". The truth is you never actually do... it is more of a change from within. But it certainly does not happen in a month. It takes years or did with me. It is heading towards the 2 year mark since Paul died.

Just yesterday I felt what can only be described as peace, a day when I felt "Normal" content with who I am and what life is. Knowing that this is my life and I am o.k.

After the loss of someone what we loved life is never the same, we become...different. With much work and strength from within we become stronger.
I know that you hate the phrase (I did) but it really does take time. While time passes try to really notice the little things that make you happy, even for a brief second. Take in the beauty of a sun set. Enjoy the flock of black birds that cluster on the trees and fly off in a black cloud when you clap your hands signaling Falls beggining. Smile at the innocence that you once had, do not regret it.

Mostly take grief in your own time, your own way and do not EVER let anyone tell you how to grieve.
Even I can not do that, only suggest ways to make it through the day. Know also that they are looking down on you and if you look with an open mind you will see little signs, it is just them letting you know that they are o.k. And you will be too, I promise. One breath one step

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