He helped so many and beleived in making a change to this world.

by dyonne

My dad was a business man in Jamaica and and was shot to death and robbed, im not dealing with this very well and just wanted to get this out. He was a wonderful man that gave to so many and opened doors for so many people when no one would. He was no where near selfish, his death touched millions on the island. He was well known and loved so so much, im saddened by the way he passed.

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Jan 08, 2013
Saints in heaven
by: Carlos Angelito

If you are a christian, your father is like all the saints in heaven. They preach and do good to their fellow just like the Lord Jesus Christ. And in return they were crucified, beheaded,burn alive, given to the Lions and wild animals to be a prey, persecute them and even throw them to the sea. But your father is not for this world. He should be in heaven. He is born to be a citizen of the Almighty.

Jan 08, 2013
He helped so many and believed in making a change to this world
by: Doreen U.K.

Dyonne I am sorry for your loss of your Dad to a sudden death. None of us are meant to handle death well. It is the most difficult and hurtful experience of one's life. This is someone who brought you up to be the young woman you are today. Who input into your life and gave you Love and nurturing. One doesn't get over such a death in a hurry. You will be BROKEN for a long time. It is only in TIME that the body, soul, and mind heals from such a devastating experience of loss. It hurts to be with people for your lifetime and then suddenly they are gone. Almost as if they never existed. Death when analysed is such a cruel experience that one is either cremated (burned) or they are buried under the ground. Even if the person has no life or no understanding of what has happened to them. It is us who are left in the world and knows this, will feel this sorrow. For we too will go the same way. How are children supposed to process such a happening in their young mind. It is understandable why many parents try to protect their children from seeing this. It would be very traumatic to a child. They have limited understanding. For adults with full understanding we feel the impact of a death.
Your father left a legacy of Integrity that will be remembered forever. Such a harsh and brutal attack on a man who did good. because of the nature of your fathers death you could benefit from grief counselling. The healing from this will take the edge off the pain of loss. I wish you Peace and comfort in your sorrow and grief.

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