He Is Gone Forever: My Dad

I remember the day my mom told me my dad had died. He didn't live with us because my parents were divorced, so basically we had found out about him. He was found several days after he was dead. The worst way to go, huh? I started to regret everything I had ever did and said. I regretted not making breakfast when he asked me to, not hugging and saying "I love you" every time I saw, and getting in a bad fight with him the last time I saw him. I hurts to say that he is gone and I'll never see him again. It hurts me so bad crying my eyes out. It's been 7 months starting today since he has passed. He was 42. He had 3 girls, aged 14 (me), 9 and 10. I miss him so much and I tell him everyday that I love him and Im sorry.

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Jan 08, 2013
He Is Gone Forever: My Dad
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your Dad. It is a natural part of grief to suddenly feel sorrow for the things we didn't say or do for that loved one who is died. He was your father but divorce robbed you of a relationship with him. This will be another loss of relationship with your father that you have to grieve. We suffer many losses in life and we don't grieve them. We usually shrug them off as part of life. It is only when a death occurs that these feelings become painful. You are a young 14yr. old girl who has been hurt by life but yet has an attitude of respect for a man you didn't live with. You honour him because he was your father. Keep honouring him and FORGIVE yourself for your shortcomings. Life happens and none of us behave perfect in a fallen world. If you find yourself not being able to grieve then go and see a grief counsellor so that you will be able to receive skilled help that will benefit you as you go on in life. Often a loss can leave us upset for a long time and stop us from moving on in life. Because this loss can also cause you to miss out on life's opportunities due to prolonged grief.

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