He lost feelings for me all of a sudden.

by Linda Hay
(Berkshire, UK)

Hi I'm Linda.

My husband broke it off with me by text 3 weeks ago saying his feelings for me had gone and it was over. This completely came out of the blue because everything was fine before that.

He has promised there is nobody else but the thing is that he has started a new job with lots of mates who are single or breaking up from partners and I think he is enjoying the single life with them instead of being married to me and that is the path he has decided to take.

I am heartbroken and as we have been through so much together in those 6 years. I have stood by him through everything and he is just walking away like he couldn't care less.

I know I should feel mad but I am just very very sad. He says he doesn't want to try again but I just can't believe this has happened. I would give anything for him to change his mind but I don't think he will.

He is 32 and I am 36 but I feel like I have nowhere to turn now and just cry all the time. He says he wants to be friends but I don't see how that can work.

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Oct 02, 2014
He lost feelings for me all of a sudden.
by: Doreen UK

Linda you posted in 2012 and I hope life has gotten better for you. You were at the stage when your husband of 6 years sent you a text that you and him were over. Sadly a LACK OF MATURITY has a lot to do with how men behave badly. Your husband may have been influenced by his peers and so just thinks he can up and leave as if he had no responsibilities. That was a most CRUEL way to deal with a separation. There is nothing worse than pleading with a man to come back if you know that he won't and it won't work. In much the same way it could be difficult to take him back if it didn't work out with his new lifestyle. I hope that you were able to move forward and get a better deal from a new relationship that has made you happy. It is hard when you love one so deeply and he doesn't love you back in the same way. I certainly couldn't live without my husband. It was as if we were made for each other. Often we can feel as if we are living on a knife edge as there is so much temptation out in the world and it only takes one woman to get friendly with your partner and then your world turns upside down. I have been on the receiving end of this also when a man would want to go out with me and I showed him my ring finger and he shrugged his shoulders as if to say "So what" I realised then that the sanctity of marriage and being in relationship was not honoured or respected by many men who had a different mind set than me. There is a lot of risk now being married and staying married. My husband of 44yrs. died 2yrs. ago of cancer and I felt relief that this was one area I didn't have to worry or struggle with. Even the most happy relationships/marriages can be threatened if suddenly a woman came along and stole her man. I learned early in life that it wasn't always choosing the right man as trying to be the right woman and do your best to make your husband/partner as happy as you can. But it can also fail due to Life and its challenges. But you can hold your head up and say you did your best and you weren't responsible for the break up. I hope life treats you well and you found happiness again.

Nov 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Linda, put on you big girl shoes and realize that a narcissists doesn't care about all you did for him. He just wants more and will not give back. He didn't loose feeling all of a sudden you just didn''t see all the signs.

He is lying about not having someone else. Every guy that has uttered those words has been proven a liar.

You're only missing the relationship you dreamed you could have, not what really was.
Would you really want someone back who you couldn't trust your feelings to? Someone who stomped on all your hopes and dreams? Really??!!!

Get mad and get over him. In time you will see what a total jerk he is. He'll leave the next girl too.

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