by Karen Taylor
(Sugar land, TX)

My husband of 39 yrs. passed away June 9, 2013. We met in high school. During college yrs. were happy and looking forward to the future. Lived and worked overseas for 10 yrs. gave birth to a Son overseas just a beautiful life together. He always would say I Love You every day. Well, on June 9, 2013 He Stopped Loving Me That Day because he was gone four weeks before our 40th wedding anniversary and three weeks before his 63rd. birthday which we were looking forward to celebrating both special occasions together; he always made a big deal of every day/yr. together. Well, it was suppose to be my normal daily visit to checkup on him. I was told he was fine and l hr. later he was gone. No one understands the grief except those of us who have lived it. Valentines day is tomorrow and people make a big deal about receiving a gift. Well let me explain one thing I have had 39 yrs. of Love and Gifts that came from a Man who truly loved me and if I never receive another gift from anyone I know what it is to be Loved and Cared for by a Loving Man and that will last with me the rest of my life. He stopped loving me that day but, I will always have a place for him deep in my heart. Love each other and the gifts will come without asking or seeking them. You can never put a value on true Love and the pain one feels when it is GONE.


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Feb 16, 2014
stopped loving
by: Anonymous--MI

Karen, I understand how you feel and the heavy burden of carrying a broken heart. I am sorry for your loss. My husband died 15 months ago from SCA after 43 yrs of a wonderful marriage. I am blessed to have been so in love and have such a good man to share my life with. I miss him every minute of each day. I try to live each day in honor of my husband and I know he would be proud of my efforts. I am very lonely and remain so sad; crying every night and whenever I hear a special song, eat my dinner alone remembering our happy times together. I pray for God to give me strength and all on this site who have been thrown on the road of grief. As we travel along together let us look to God for stronger faith and try to remember the past with gratitude and look forward to the future when we are reunited with our loved ones in heaven. God Be with us and keep the faith of knowing we will be happy again.

Feb 15, 2014
Solace and comfort
by: Lawrence


I’m so deeply sorry for your loss and you having to join this web site of grieving and heartbroken people just like yourself.
As you say, you have to experience a loved one dying to understand the overwhelming pain and sadness it brings.
I lost a beloved and cherished wife on Christmas Day 2012 after being together for nearly seventy years of exquisite happiness; I am so empty and lonely without her.
Valentine day has passed with no card in the letterbox, just tears in my eyes as I remember the past Valentine day’s with each of us wondering who the card was from, it was our little joke, what used to make us giggle is so incredibly sad now.
She was the first girl I ever kissed when she was fourteen and the last on her deathbed when she was eighty two. I closed her eyes and thanked her for a wonderful life and that was the end of a long beautiful love affair. I thanked God for sharing her with me.
I wrote a poem after she died and the last few lines were.
But now you’ve gone, were still a pair.
A pair, just minus one.
That’s how I still feel; she is so close to me in my heart I still feel we are together.
I always quote my mantra “GRIEF IS THE PRICE YOU PAY FOR LOVE “I’m sure you are so grateful for the thirty-nine years you had of such a beautiful love and passion, I know I am.
Read all the contributions to this web site and I hope you get some solace and comfort from them; I certainly did, and still do.


Feb 15, 2014
He Stopped Loving Me Today
by: Pat J.Green Bay,WI

Dear Karen,
You expressed it perfectly about Valentines' Day and love. All I have after 46 years is the last Valentine's Day card from my husband. It is amazing how life revolves. Sometimes I received flowers and sometimes a card and sometimes only the words Happy Valentines' Day, sorry I didn't get you anything, yet I always knew he loved me and you can't buy love. The last Valentine card I received was on February 14th,2011. My husband died on June 27, 2011, the day after our 46th wedding anniversary, June 26, 2011. I will look at that card for the rest of my life on Valentines' Day.
It will be 3 years he is gone, yet I still have this ache in my heart for him. Life goes on, yet THEY TOOK A BIG PART OF US WITH THEM. We have our memories. Cherish them always.

Feb 15, 2014
by: Doreen UK

Karen I am sorry for your loss of your husband of 39yrs. Love is such a beautiful gift our Lord God put within us. Allowing marriage and a special union between a man and a woman that can't be explained. When we lose that person we never lose the Love. I am thankful for this since I lost my precious husband of 44yrs. 21 months ago to cancer. It feels a lot longer. It is this love that will carry us through each day till we join them. Thank God I didn't lose him earlier in life. I can somehow cope with being this side of life knowing that I won't have to live some 30yrs. without my husband. Each day is still difficult living alone and not having the interaction we have been used to.
I can still remember my husband's loving arm round my neck pulling me down to his level and wondering why? That was the last day of his life and I missed that golden moment. I since remember that moment as a precious memory that contained his eternal love for me and I knew He was at peace and acceptance of His death. he knew he would not see me again. Whilst I sat waiting for my miracle.
I thank God every day for bringing that dear man into my life and giving us 44yrs. together that went too fast whilst holding down a job and away from home for most of those years. I do feel cheated now out of spending his retirement with him. The Golden years now gone. I hope that you have a peaceful recovery from grief and be comforted by family and friends at this difficult time.

Feb 14, 2014
He Stopped Loving Me 9-14-10
by: Judith in California

Dear Karen, I feel your loss and pray you will fair better on the other side of this grief journey. Today is the 3 year 5 month mark siicne I lost Chuck. We had 35 years and looking back it seems to have flown by.

Please know we who have gone before you offer our deepest heartelt sympathies to you.

While folks are under stress and pressure wondering how they will celebrate this day for lovers I want to tell them to just stop making it about the gift but more about the time they spend loving each other ...every day. It's the best gift they can give.

Please take care Karen. I hope you will grow stronger and at peace.

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