He stuck by me through it all...

by Carla Andrick
(Decatur, IL. USA)

My Murphy Dog was my hero in many, many ways. I have Multiple Sclerosis & back in 2000, I started having seizures. He was always near me & didn't run off when I fell while I was having one. He was just always there until I was helped up or got up on my own. Which at that time, I could still do. One time that will always stand out in my mind, until I see him again, (he was euthanized in 2007) is when on a rainy day I decided to take some letters to the mailbox, he loved to go to the mailbox!! Well, I only made it part of the way because I had a seizure & fell. He stayed right by my side & didn't run off finally a very kind couple stopped & helped get me into the house & Murphy came right in with them. Somehow, they were able to reach my mom & somehow I was able to direct them to her house. When I got there, my mom said I was absolutely soaked. It had been raining when I fell which was even more amazing about my Murphy. He hates rain. In his way he probably tried to tell me not to go out in that simply because he didn't want to!!
Anyway, I have never gotten over his death. He was 13 years old & suffering from arthritic legs. It was almost as if he was trying to indicate to us he was tired & ready to be let go. But, I still miss him terribly. I've been trying to figure out if it's a feeling he's giving me I've read so many things about people's dogs don't want them to be grieving their deaths for too long. They want us to be happy.
I just don't want to get another dog & have to grieve over he/her when they die. I don't know why it's taken me so long to get over him. He.was just my hero through a very tough period in my life.


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Oct 05, 2014
He stuck by me through it all.....
by: Doreen UK

Carla I am so sorry for your loss of Murphy. He was a faithful dog/companion to you in the times you found life difficult. This is one of the reasons that you still feel the loss of him so deeply. You bonded with him. You had this emotional connection that is so hard to recover from. Don't try too hard to recover from your loss of Murphy. Keep a journal and write out all your feelings and sadness and do this in a style of writing as if you were having a conversation with Murphy. Let him know what his loss has done to you and how you are struggling to live without him. This is very therapeutic and healing.
Take one day at a time. FOCUS is the key to moving forward. If you focus on your pain it will feel deeper. FOCUS on building yourself up with all good things you do for yourself every day till it becomes a new way of life. You will be building up your self esteem. Try and hold everything you own loosely as if you were ready to let it go if you needed to. It is when one holds things too tightly as if you would not survive if you lost them, that it becomes a problem. Practice this way of life and you will hurt less over time. Becoming a way of life will mean you can open up your heart to love another dog again. Don't compare either. Each dog is unique in their own way with their own personality, and each pet you love will love you back in their own way. You will have a lifetime of memories which you would not have if you closed your heart to giving another dog a home and the love He/She needs and you need also. We have to try and make our lives better whilst we live out the rest of our days. You will be living a more fulfilled life and it won't be empty as if you closed your heart to love again from another dog.

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