He took every thing even me!

by Rosilee St Nicholas

I was married for 12 years, I traveled and entertained with my husband I loved him very much, we had a home payed for and was debt free, one day I found out he had been seeing a young girl almost 4o years younger, he fixed it so that I got put out of my home! I loved my home so much, I found myself in court being accused of things I have never heard of, he took my business away in which I sang and loved performing I feel like every thing is gone and I am a looser...Deep down I know what i can do but I feel so sad... It feels like I have cement weights on me! I cry a lot of the time....I feel ripped off and robbed!!!

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Mar 17, 2013
I get it!
by: Linable

Seventeen year marriage,twelve year old daughter, secure future in which I invested my life and income. The losses went on & on for four years.
Court was a horror. Life was one shock after another.

Then I lost my health. He nearly took it all. I regained my health one bite at a time with the best food I could get. It took about a year. One minute at a time. My daughter ran away with her boyfriend at 16. Parts of me died. I had to rebuild. Found a puny job because I could not stand any stress. I had to pull in and not do anything unless it was necessary to my survival. I began to gain strength. One day I met a tall, dark really handsome man (alfa male type) and he invited me to a dance. The x was there with his girlfriend and it occurred to me this was exactly the kind of guy that would intimidate every insecurity he had. They had moved to another town and it surprised me he was there, I really enjoyed myself!! Later I had an opportunity to go to a convention in HI. A guy I had met, only once, offered me the use of his condo, he wasn't using, no strings. Leaving the east coast for the first time, I went. I loved it, had a great time and spent the next two years there. I began healing and later reconnected with my daughter.
Time always passes and I heard from my sister he had died of skin cancer. A friend said, 'It was karma not cancer'
He 'nearly' took it all but I came back and rebuilt making many mistakes along the way. Just the other day I read an article about how a 'narcissists tend to get involved in extra-marital affairs' manipulate-even the Court system. It was surprising to see how I had been raised by a couple of them, making me an easy target. I continue to heal, life finds a way. Eat, rest..your life will find a way too. We were touched by darkness, survived it -yeah!

Feb 15, 2013
He took every thing even me!
by: Rosilee

Thanks you for your comments, I went through the court system and he won... I fought as hard as I could, I am taking what I have of me and the money left and making it do the best I can, also he was a celebrity and the court took his work for every thing! I will pick up with my music and get back to where I was before him...I know that we reap what we sow and he can deal with God! Thank you again!

Feb 15, 2013
He took every thing even me!
by: Doreen U.K.

Rosalee you have been ripped off and robbed. Do something about it. Try and get family or friends to support you. This will make you stronger to fight this battle. Your tears are your only outlet for what has happened. You sound as if you are all alone and have no support. If this is the case your husband would have known this. He would also have known your areas of weakness and used this against you. Show him now you are made of stronger stuff and go in for the attack. If you do this in a structured and diplomatic way, YOU WILL WIN. The law is in place to protect you. USE IT. It may feel as if your husband has taken everything even you. But this is not TRUE. You are still here. Make a noise and let him know you are still around. It is when we are at our lowest that something kicks in and helps us rise to the surface. You can do it. I am here to give you the confidence to FIGHT for your RIGHTS. best wishes. Doreen

Feb 14, 2013
He took everything even me!
by: Doreen U.K.

Rosilee I feel so outraged for what has happened to you. You must not let this man get away with what he has done to you. Get some advice and supportive people on our side to help you mount a battle. YOU MUST HAVE RIGHTS AS HIS WIFE. He cannot put you out of the marital home and take away your business. He has stripped you of your self esteem and you feel this battle is too much for you. Of course you would feel sad and feel as if you have lost everything. In reality you are letting him get away with this if you do nothing. You simply have to fight back and get what belongs to you as his wife. You are not acting out of revenge you are acting out of JUSTICE. This man has tried to render you powerless so that he can take everything away from you. How can you love a man like this. I feel so ANGRY for you. FIGHT BACK. Get what belongs to you. Then you can move on with your life. What this husband of yours has done is very CRUEL, and disrespectful to you. Solicitors are expensive. You will have to tap into some service that can support you and take it from there. keep in touch and update us. I hope it all works out for you. Best wishes.

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