he was and is the best brother ever!!!

by athira s

That day was a normal one, feeling the rain ovr my d last night was all filled in ma head. Afta d usuall morning fuzz in hostel I headed 4 ma class.

Was wen the director calld me up n front of my dads frnd dat I was told my grandmom was ill. Being asked to head home then, I rushd to hostl 2 get a bit of thngs packd. None including my mom dad n bro was picking the calls up. Informing my bestie , who was right then at ma home town I strtd hme.

Suspecting something wasnot normal, I strtd getting tensed. Havin an 8 hours journey home, I boarded the train n had been texting my bro all d way asking him to call me. None was responding properly, relatives, parents, not evn ma dads friend hu ws accompaniying me.. making my mind up to take a small nap, i lied on d berth. It was a call dat woke me up, a call from one of ma brothers friend. He asked me my whereabouts, n I had 2 remind him dat I was using that no. n I cudnt keep my feelings to myslf nymor. I calld up my beatie and started cryn realisin sumthing was wrong. N suddenly wen my phone got switched off, didn’t have any other option dan wake my dads friend to know what xactly is happening..

Aftr almost shoutin at him… he said atlast…
My brother didn’t have enough courage to handle things…

N then everything was clear. Why he snt a list of all password last night. Why he hanged the call up. Why none was replyn to the msgs I sent him.

But one question was left unanswered.. what am I supposed to do??

Things dat followed was no good..

Now that people have overcome and forgotten, n mom still crying over it.. I agree I don’t agree I dnt cry, atleast in front of people.. Bt I cnt handle grief. D way I miss him, d way he was d bestest friend I evr had. D way he tuk care each thing of me.D way I cud tell him anything and everything. D way he tuk me wherever he went.

The fact is, I don’t even remember when I saw him alive at last… I miss being envied being such a brother and sister. Now that, I sit alone at home n type dis, I hate being called the only child.

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Jul 23, 2012
best brother ever
by: Karen

I'm s sorry for you and I cant say I know what your going through, though I can relate I lost my big brother 2 years ago I received a phone call from my family saying that he was found in his apartment they coudnt conclude what was his cause of death. He was so intelligent and would do anything to protect us Its not fair the hardest thing for me is I cant seem to to relate with the rest of my family as greed raised it's ugly head I used to cry out cant we just grieve and STOP talking about his money (fell on deaf ears). I have my own relationship with him now and choose not to bring him up with certain family members. Then almost to the day a year later a niebour of mine who was very recluse told me he was in his final stage of cancer he had know family or friend. It took alot of convincing on my side to allow him to let me help him. We became very good friends. He helped me so much in my grieving process of my brother unfortunately 4 mths ago he passed away funny enough almost to the date of my brothers anniversary. As he didnt want to talk to me about death he left all final arrangements to me as he didnt have family or friends and anyone that knew of him refered to him as the fisherman I decided on cremation. I know this might sound awful but through my grief I could bring myself to collect his ashes. About four months after his death I got the courage and we took our last drive together. I went to a peer and steped down to landing and scattered his ahes into the ocean I said my goodbyes and started to climb up the stairs I stopped and went to take one last look to my surprise there was a dolphin in the middle of his ashes. I couldnt of planned that if I tried I truly believe it was an act of God. now instead of a sorrow experience it is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. I know he is free in the pacific ocean. As for your grief the only comment I can make is it will get better but there is now time limit or appropriate way to grieve. There is one piece of advise I can give you that has helped me enormosley make a choice to seek out and help someone in need it not only takes your mind off your grief it helps put life into prospective. God bless

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