He was more than a dad he was my best friend

by Allysen jones
(Loomis ca)

I love you dad and miss you so much you were my best friend

I love you dad and miss you so much you were my best friend

Well I lost my dad 2 months ago today and I'm sitting here crying my eyes out...so I'm the youngest of 3 and I'm the baby...my dad was my best friend we could literally talk on the phone like 10 times a day. He helped me in so many ways. I mean he was the only stable man in my life but I took advantage of him not on purpose. I acted like a spoiled brat cause that's what I was spoiled. He gave me and bought me and my kids everything. But you no that old saying if I could go back... Well if I could I would of proven to him that I could be responsible and I would of never let him go broke because of me. I guess I felt like I deserved it all because of all the hell he caused me as a child but that was so wrong of me. I miss my dad not his finances I miss his advice I miss his phone calls I miss him telling me to get my s*** in order I miss being able to call him 24-7 and cry to him about anything he was so supportive but I know I will see him again but it's just so hard and the only way I can describe how I feel is that I'm in a dream and I'm looking at my life from someone else's eyes....am I normal lol and when will I feel like myself again...thank you for reading I really needed to get this off my chest

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Apr 25, 2013
been 4 years nothing has changed
by: John Martin

Wanted to let you all read something. APA did some research over 20 years that proved we never get over mourning. It doesn't get better after we get used to it. In fact, it grows. So my Dad was my best friend, he was a preacher and an angel, He kept my family together when my Mom was straying. He forgave instantly. How do you follow that act? All I can say is that I have learned that in the sight of God, I am so proud to be his son, that I can think of nothing else but him, and I am forever humbled, tearing up, and bursting with love from the inside. I am so blessed to be his son. It's been a while, and take my word for it, you have to learn to cope with the loss on a daily basis.

That is why the only real hope is to believe in the Lord, and to bank everything on eternal life. I have hope that I will see him again forever! I hope and pray for you all, that you would be as blessed and adjusted as I am, not I am anyone special, it's just better than having nothing to cling to. I love you forever, for always, and no matter what Dad!

Apr 20, 2013
He was more than a dad he was my best friend
by: Doreen U.K.

Allysen YES! you are normal and you will get your life back again. You need to go through the stages of grief and cry cry which is healthy grief. None of us knows what to expect with grief and how long it will last. Life is so very difficult when we lose someone we love. But like everything in life it passes and new things take place. If our pain were to last forever it would kill us. We do get breaks in between our grief.
Life will bring us many sorrows and will also make us stronger to bear each loss.
I am sorry for your loss of your dad. Your dad was perhaps spoiling you because he realised he wasn't kind to you when you were growing up, and so you took advantage of it. My youngest daughter who is now 32yrs. used to always say she could wrap her father round her little finger. She respected him but she took advantage of what dad gave her or could do for her. Father's love to spoil their children so don't feel guilty. Your father wouldn't have done this if he didn't want to. He would also have known where to draw the line. It is so painful to lose a parent. They do so much spontaneously to enhance the life of their children expecting nothing in return, then suddenly they are gone and children are left with the sorrow forever. I am a parent of 3 adult children. They have lost their father 11 months ago and are recovering slowly from their loss. You will get your life back and be able to honour your father in many ways, but for now your grief will take it's time to Heal.

Apr 20, 2013
Sorry for your loss
by: Rebekah Arnold

I lost my twin sister a year and a half ago I still cry when I talk of her and still miss her horribly what you are feeling us normal as grief us a process we all go do it in our own time no ones grief is the same as another's don't let anyone tell you get over it you will in your own time. My twins death still makes me feel as if half of me is missing and I feel lost most days . The first few months I felt as if I was losing my mind and still do at times. Sorry for your loss and the feelings you have are normal hang in there the pain will diminish with time I can't say it gets easier.

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