He was my best friend

My daddy died 7 weeks ago and I feel so alone now. He was 68 and died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage. I'm only 21 and my brother is 15.. I just miss him so much, every day I would spend hours talking to him we were very close.. I don't really get on with my mother she's not a very nice person! She always shouted at my dad and he was so gentle that he would always take it.. He was so well liked and had many friends... He was a gentleman and I was always so proud to call him my daddy. And now he's gone I just don't no what to do. I can't talk t same way to my boyfriend or my friends and definitely not to my mother.. It's unbearable at times... But I show no one how
I'm feeling I just tell everybody I'm not to bad now... It's killing me I cry whenever I'm by myself... When will I feel better!

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Jun 13, 2012
Lost my dad the same way.
by: Anonymous

I know how you are feeling. I lost dad 6 weeks ago with a sudden massive brain harm mirage. There was no warning and I just can't get my head round it. It's affecting me really terrible just now worse than the first couple of weeks. Were you the same?

Jan 30, 2012
So sorry about your Dad
by: Anonymous

My brother died at 42. He had an 11yr old daughter who I raised. She was taken away from her Mom by the state and they asked me to take her. She never talked about her Dad or anything. I just wonder if she remembers him. You need to talk to someone. There is someone who understands what you are going through. My daughter was murdered July 2010. OMG I still don't know what to do with myself. Death is so final. I know that your Dad is very proud of you and would not want you to be sad.

Jan 30, 2012
He was my best friend
by: Anonymous

I can sympathize with you and the only thing that's going to help is time ..Not that its any easier, its just that it gets you use to living without them.I was 21 and lost both my parents Dad at 2 and Mom whn I was 21 and a husband also 6 months before my Mom and he was only 18 we had been married a month ..I was an only child but if I can pull through it was because time because its still not easy whn I think about it and its been several years ...try to find someone you can talk to it definitely helps ..and I'm sry for your loss...GOD be with you and your brother ..you just lean on each other if you can and find someone to talk too ...

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