He was my Shadow

by Mary Ann

Shadow was a dog we had gotten from a person who "got too big" for him to handle. He was chained to a light pole.
He was just over a year old when we got him.
He was my best friend. He was my shadow. If I went to the bathroom he was at the door waiting for me. If I went to take a bath he would poke at the door, asking to come in. I said yes he would come in but he did not know how to close the door. I would tell him about it. He would go to "daddy" to ask him to come and close the door.
He would be in the unfenced front yard. All I would have to tell him was to stay in the yard and he would. If a neighbor called him to go over, he would come and look at me as if to say, Is it okay?.
He was such a good dog. When I fell and broke my foot, he was there giving me his paw and licking my face.
I am going to miss him so much. I know his spirit is here with us.
It is just like losing one of your kids.

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Jun 09, 2012
He's in your shadow
by: Doreen England U.K.

Mary Anne
Your dog sounds as if he was your best friend your everything. What a wonderfull experience. Often we don't have people in our lives who can mean this much to us as your dog was to you.
Pets have a unique blessing that humans don't have. It is hard to explain. The love from a pet is different and is special in its own way, and the grief is the same.
Even if you got a new dog it would not replace the one you had. Having a new dog would give you a whole different bonding experience that could help you in your grief.
My daughter is trying to talk me into getting 2 lovebirds to replace the birds we had which was 9 Cockatiels, my favourite species of birds.
Keeping birds helped they brought a new meaning into my life when my husband was suffering with cancer and having the birds to look after was a distraction from living with cancer and its own struggles. I guess one can only offer suggestions that would help when in the middle of a painfull grief experience.

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