He was our son, friend and our Hero!

Our son died at the age of 24, leaving us behind. He made us very proud. He treated everyone with respect. He would take time to hear peoples story or problems. Our son was just getting ready to graduate from college. He and his wife had worked very hard, they had two premes. The 2 boys turned out great. Life was just about to get easier for both of them. Then it happened the worst phone call in our life telling us our son was died.

It is about 10 months since he passed away. Every day we wake, it hits you all over again. Then we try to stay busy until bedtime. We try to crash for the night but you lay there just thinking.

The pain that we fill and the time our son is missing out on his 2 boys and their lose! I was the last to hold my son, but we could not talk. That is my greatest desire now is just to hold my boy and talk with him.

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Aug 23, 2014
Our Son, Our Friend Our Hero!
by: Father

Well here I am looking at this computer again, I think of my son all the time, my stomachs seems like it is in knots. I am not able to continue on with projects to keep me busy, my mind busy. I still can't or haven't excepted it yet, my son who was so full of life struck down. We miss his voice his comments and his kindness. Cody always tried to see the best in people, he would make me think about things and realize how little some of the items I had a problem with. He was a kind hearted person. I was/ am very proud of him. I miss my friend, my son

Jun 08, 2014
Our son our hero
by: John ( DAD)

Well 3 years, 2 months since you have passed away 4/7/2011. We are still in shock it is hurting even more, you see since my boy passing we have buried our heads into our business a resort. We have expanded and built almost solid since that day. we have now run out of property and can not continue to build, even though we are busy my mind wonders. I see a young father, holding his son. I see a pair of those loud shorts the young guys wear. I see a camero, I see so much that reminds me of you. I see someone walk in with your build. I stop and think! We don't see our grandsons much, your wife has remarried. We are getting so tired.

Mar 23, 2013
Today was your birthday!
by: Father

Your Birthday was today and it is almost 2 years since you have been taken from us. your mom and I last night just found out some information about what had happen. I feel so betrayed by others, I just want to hold you, and help you. All I can do is hold your boys and tell them what great man you were. They knew you were a great father and I will keep sharing my memories with them!

Love your dad.

Mar 20, 2013
Our son, friend and our hero.
by: Father

Well, it is getting close to 2 years since he, our son has passed away. We still and probably always will struggly with our loss. His birthday will be in 3 days. His wife has moved on, an getting married, with a chance of moving away. Our 2 grandsons are so special but we are seeing them less and less. We still feel we can't go on or don't want to, but we have to for our daughter and now three grandsons. You see, our daughter had her boy(our 3rd grandson) on the 1st anniversary of our son(her brother) passing away. This day was 4/7/which we hate, but now trying to find some comfort on this day.

Jun 11, 2012
He was our son , friend and our hero. Our son had a hard life up to his death. Life was just about to get easy for him and his wife
by: John Harris

They had struggled working, going to school and raising a young family. but college was just about over with. Life was going to become easier, day by day. Our hero our son has been gone since April 7th, 2011 and it still tearing me apart life will never be the same, sometimes I , Well we have to keep going on for our family that is left!
I miss our talks, your looks ,comments and genuine hugs.
Your dad

Apr 08, 2012
He was our son, friend and our hero! A year
by: Anonymous

Our son passed away a year ago. At 24 years old he left behind a young family, 2 sons 6 years old and 2 years old. Its been very hard on all of us,especially his oldest boy who now 7. Our son passed away on the 7th of April. His sister just had a baby boy on the 7th. Our 3rd grand son. A bitter /sweet day! We will never be the same without our son. Our daughter and son in law and grandson give us hope and sweetness to our long days!

Jan 28, 2012
by: Linda

I am sorry for your loss, our son committed suicide this week, his funeral is next week. He was 23 just graduated uni and such a beautiful boy in all ways, I will never understand why, he was loved beyond believe by his whole family. The pain is too much to bear and I know this hole will never be filled, he was my life and my joy. I know the pain will lessen with time, and I have to hang on to that. I joined Facebook and started to communicate with his friends and it has helped a great deal, made me feel closer to him somehow, because this was his world. God Bless and keep strong for his and your own sake.

Jan 28, 2012
our sons
by: kay

I am so sad to hear of the loss of your wonderful son.I send to you and your family lots of healing and love.I too lost my wonderful son 23 in 2010.I know the pain and heartache you are feeling,its the worst pain and sorrow like nothing else that I can describe.My heart still aches so much and at times its so hard to comprehend.I would give my life to hold my son in my arms again.....as you would your son....All we can do is take one step at a time and try to be there for our loved ones left behind with us.Our sons will forever live on in our hearts.xxx

Jan 28, 2012
24 Years Old
by: carol,seans mom

I to lost my son on November 15,2011. He was also twenty four. He did not get up for work and the nightmare began. We were told a lot about a blood clot and how our hansome Sean had suffered three heart attacks each one stopping more and more oxygen from getting to his brain. All his organs failed. He was literally having breakfast with his sister one morning, went to bed early afternoon because he worked the overnight shift and we never got to speak with him again. He was in good spirits his last morning because he was going to New England Tech to be tested for class placement to begin on Jan 12. He has already missed so much. We MISS HIM.The pain is unbearable. I know and feel your pain. It is gut wrenching,painful,and sad.

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