He was the light in the dark

by Cassie

anyone who is reading this please continue, i need my story to be heard.my name is Cassie and i live in Tulsa Oklahoma. from the time i was thirteen i have had a horribal time with death, my mom, Dianna died in a car accident, we didnt even get to say goodbye. then my dad, Johnson got so depressed that he stopped everything. he would go to work, come home and just sit in his chair and stared at the tv, even when it wasn't on he would just stare. he died a few months later, he drank himself to death. from then on it was me and my 15 yearold brother Dallas. he had no idea how to take care of a thirteen year old girl so he sent me to live with my grandparents who i barley know and he went to NewYork. just like that i had lost my whole family in less than a year.around two years later my brother called and told me i could come home. i was so happy. and thats when i met the guys who in less than a year would be my new family. there was Darrel, Sam, Steven, Peter, Toby, and then there was Johnny. oh Johnny was the love of my life. we fell for each other just like that. we went everywhere together, cause the one time i wasn't with him he got beat up bad, real bad, the guys found him in the street and called me. when i got there i couldn't breath couldn't speak and couldn't stand, the only thing i could do was run to his side and cryed and cryed and cryed. Peter who is like my little brother, said i had so much hate and sadness in my eyes. i hated that this could happen to someone so innosent. then about four month after that the same guys who beat Johnny the first time got drunk and beat him again, only this time he fought back and stabbed one of them. he died on spot. but Johnny wasn't alone that night Peter was with him. my brother was at a party so they ran to him so they could get out of town. i didnt know about any of this until i woke up the next morning and Dallas told me they were gone. i went into shock and got real sick. i sat on the couch for what felt like weeks and never moved. my brother who is hard as stones cryed at the sight of me like that, and thats the only thing i remember about being in shock. i saw on tv that night there was an old church that had caught fire about a mile out of town. when my brother saw that he shot up like a bullet and yelled oh ****!!!! as loud as he could and then said thats where Johnny and Peter are!!! when i heard that i saw peoples mouths movin but nothing was comin out all i heard was a buzzing noise in my ear, and the when Dallas ran out the door everything started to blurr and the buzz got louder and louder and louder until it just stopped and then it went all white and i felt like i was flying. when i woke up Dallas was sittin there with tear stains on his cheeks and i ask where Johnny and Peter were. i was yelling and then screaming there names until dallas said the words i can never forget. Johnny didnt make it. i stopped breathing i just held my breath, i dont know why but i did. after they finaly got me breathing again he told me Peter will be okay, and then he paused and said that Johnnys last words were tell cassie i died a lucky guy to have had her in my life. i know those last words may sound fairytale but thats what he said they stay with me forever. my brother was so grief strucken he wasn't thinkin staight. he stormed out and called about an hour later and said he was running from the cops, and he just held up a convenience store. we made it outside just in time for him to shout to me, im sorry and pulled out a gun. the cops started shoting and my brother died in an alley. i held him in my arms and he said im gonna see momma and pa again, i'll tell them you miss them and all four of us Johnny too, will watch over you. they were sweet last words but still last words. all the things people say before they die are meaningful some more than others. the cop who shot my brother braggs about it the gun Dallas had wasn't even loaded! Dallas was an 18 year old kid so scared of life he hides it by tryin to be tough.and now my storys over, i dont know what to do with myself im 16 and have lost my whole family and my true love all at once. i wish i had more faith than i do but its hard when you've been throgh this. i dont cry, dont laugh, and dont smile. i havent loved anyone or anything besides the 5 guys i have left since then, and probably never will.

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Jan 23, 2013


Jan 03, 2013
He was the light in the dark
by: Doreen U.K.

Cassie of course I care. Problem is I live in England otherwise I would adopt you and look out for you always as long as I live.
God put me here to help people like you. All the care I have inside me comes from God. I pray to God for you that He will send the right people to you and that life will get better for you soon.
You are a very SPECIAL PERSON. GOD LOVES YOU. I have not had life easy but God has been at the helm all the time guiding and helping me though life. My desire is that people find God and keep Him in their lives forever and that one day we will meet even if it is Heaven when Jesus comes back for us. Hold on to this Cassie. Jesus is coming back for us. HE PROMISED. God doesn't break promises. Only problem is that we are all getting weary of life on this earth and we want Jesus to come back SOON.
Cassie I do wish you well. Find a Church and Stay with God all the way in your life. Even in the bad times God is with you. I could tell you many stories of how God has looked after me and brought me safely through every time.
I would love you to keep in touch with me so that I will always be here for you and help guide you in those dark times when you may have no one to lean on. God be with you. My email is
doreenelkington@aol.com Anyone who wants ongoing support can use my email and I will do my best to always encourage and support you ALL.

Jan 02, 2013
he was the light in the dark
by: cassie

thank you soo much Doreen, you truely are an angel sent from heaven. you have made me fell safe and that God does care. i wish i could repay you for what you have done for me. if its alright with you i would like to keep in touch, you have heard all my problems and made me want to help others like you have helped me. if there is anything i can do for you just ask. and i might be sent to a foster home if i get caught, and i pray i dont. thank you so much and God bless you

Jan 01, 2013
Lost and Alone please pray for me
by: Doreen U.K.

Cassie I am so sorry to hear of your difficulty in finding a stable home. Is there a chance you will be sent to a foster home? Having no one in your life now must make you feel so very ALONE. You are only 16yrs. and this is a very young age to have no one in your life. You are also very vulnerable to danger. You still need nurturing. Often when you are in such a desperate place you may feel that God is not with you. That God is not listening or care about you. We all feel a crisis of Faith at times. Even Jesus when he went to the cross to die for us. Jesus felt forsaken by God. God had to leave Jesus alone and forsake him so that He could fulfil His mission of bearing the SINS of the world in his body on the cross. Otherwise we would not be SAVED and have the promise of eternal life. Jesus cried out to God from the cross. "My God!" "My God!" "Why have you FORSAKEN ME." When God is teaching us something He often leaves us ALONE so He can teach us. God can also send people our way to help us. Just keep HOPING. Keep Praying. God will hear you and come to your aid and even send people your way to help you. Often is does feel as if our BURDENS get HEAVIER. Don't carry your burdens. Hand them to God. Of Course WE will all PRAY for you. Remember the hymn.
"What a Friend we have in Jesus. All our sins and griefs to bear. What A PRIVELEGE to carry EVERYTHING to God IN PRAYER.
Do thy friends despise and forsake you take it to the Lord in Prayer. In His arms he'll take and Shield you Take it to the lord in Prayer.
Cassie keep in touch. Any support I can give you I will. My email is doreenelkington@aol.com

Dec 31, 2012
he was the light in the dark
by: cassie

well to answer some of your questions i dont have anyone left, i go back and forth between old friends and hope that i dont get caught and sent to some foster home. and when my parents died my brother didnt have anyone, he left me so niether one of us had anyone to talk to.and when he came home we never talked about our parents EVER, the only time he said anything about it was when he was dying. and i hope God will help me but i have been depending on him for the past 4 years and he hasnt helped me, he just piles more on. anyone who reads this, please pray for me, maybe he will listen to you.

Dec 26, 2012
He was the light in the dark
by: Doreen U.K.

Cassie I am so sorry for the five people you have lost in your family. Life is so unfair to you. It must feel surreal as if it didn't happen. It is so devastating to lose one person let alone your whole family. You were such a young age at 13yrs. to lose your parents. But now at 16yrs. you have no one left. Who is taking care of you? Do you have aunts, and uncles, perhaps cousins for company and to help you in your grief.
For me I have had God in my life. ALL MY LIFE. Otherwise I would not be able to cope with life at all. I hope that you have supportive people around your to help you get through the next few years till you can make it on your own.
Your story is certainly a very sad one and I can't help but wonder how you will get through life in this harsh world. WE all need someone to lean on, and I am wondering who you are leaning on for support.
Didn't your brother Dallas have support from any family member after you lost both your parents? That could very well have been the time your brother Dallas went off the rails and didn't care about life. To take up a gun and cause a crime is a very callous move that now affects your life.
You now are the one that has to cope with your heavy loss of your whole family.
Don't forget that there is a God in Heaven who cares about us His Children and God says that when you are forsaken by mother and father that He will take us up and care for us. Don't feel so ALONE when you know there is a God who will care for you if you let Him.
May God look after you and bring your some happiness in your broken life and put the right people in your life to help nurture you and bring you out of this harsh life that has left you lonely and broken.

Dec 25, 2012
hope this helps
by: Anonymous

i cant beileve that happend to you, and so younge! im sorry and hope you find faith in knowing that you will see them one day. and what your brother told you should bring you comfort, you still have family and you should focus on them so all of you can get through your troubles

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