Heart of A Lion

Yes, he did have the heart of a lion
So brave, courageous and strong
Believing that if he kept trying
He would be guided to where he belonged.

He was not an ordinary man, you see
As he walked proudly on all four
His fur was reddish blonde, his eyes black and shiny
His stance was proud, his composure was to adore.

The day of his birth was one of pure joy
He was the last to take his first breath of life
Suddenly, warm, gentle hands welcomed this tiny boy
Into the world from the hands of the Divine himself.

In the beginning of his new, curious life
He enjoyed romps and adventures abound
Steadily he began to grow without strife
Before long, a special kind of love he had found.

Deep in this heart of a lion
The seeds of love begin to aim high
His mommys love gently guiding,
Their magical bond had sealed with time.

This bond that I so proudly speak
Is not one that is easy to understand
Past hands of time couldn't intervene
This bond was from Gods own hand.

Many seasons came and went, many moons too
Mommy and her heart of a lion bound in faith
This magical bond, forged out of a love so true
Would have to relinquish all to the chosen lying in wait.

This heart of a lion had travelled afar
His soul was old but his heart was ablaze
Distance and time had played their part
To ensure his arrival in the coming days.

Secrets are used to protect the innocent
Memories of a boy no longer in need
The old soul, his protector, past moon has sent
The joyous news of a heavenly birth about to proceed.

Fate lent a helping hand in this blessed event
For God had decided it should be so
One old soul of a boy who was ageless and spent
To be joined with the other old soul, timeless to behold.

The heart of a lion was quick to mature
Spending his days running to and fro
Although disciplined he often chose to procure
A dangerous and worthy opponent, beaut to behold.

Many warnings had been given regarding this beaut
A boxer by breed and safely guarded behind locked gate.
Heart of the lion still young, liked to aggravate with tease
His ego swelled with every gauntlet run, quite safe to date.

Heart of the lion knew he kept his mommy in worry
For she had warned that one day the gate would be his end.
Jokingly he assured her that the beaut would be sorry
For he had the heart of a lion, no other worthy opponent to send.

Sadly, with all foretold warnings and hopeful pleads
There comes a point in time fate once again, intervenes.
Courage, discipline, bravery, and determination-weapons, indeed
Unfortunately, the heart of a lions lack of ageless memories impede.

The news was humbly delivered to Mommy, then on her knees she fell
There isnt a more sorrowful sound than the wails of a broken heart.
Mommys warnings and pleadings of the dangerous game did tell
That sometimes, no matter the size of a lions heart, it isn't ready for the part.

Heart of a lion, your time here was filled with happiness and love.
Though short, you engraved upon so many that life is a story etched in time.
Do not be afraid nor sad from being apart but embrace which that is above
Once two old souls entwined and forged a love so strong never to rhyme.

Later that night, Mommy rested gently upon her knees to humbly ask
Why did you deliver to me not so long ago a beautiful baby boy?
Then allow me to nurture, love, embrace, and enjoy a mothers array of tasks
Only to deceive and by way of trickery, steal the mothers only joy?

Mommy, please pay close attention as I explain the timeline of events
That were planned by a divine power long, long ago and then carried out.
God had requested that we entwine two old souls from any descent
As long as the two old souls are never allowed to acquaint and be devout.

Now you are aware we are never to question His wisdom, as should be
Everything that he chooses to embark upon is done in love for love we know.
Although there are times we are instruments in his grand plan soon to be
This is not the time to question our faith or beliefs for they are his shadow.

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