Heartbroken and miss my mum very much

by Lauren

I lost my beautiful mum on 16/3/13 very suddenly to a heart attack. She had only just turned 60. I am 26, married with a beautiful daughter. As an only child I have always been close to my parents. I am so emotionally low right now and very angry at the world. I feel so jealous that people have their mothers until they are 80/90 I feel robbed of precious years with my best friend. I feel so angry and hurt that she wont see her precious grandchild grow up. It all seems so unfair. I'm hoping further down the line that these feeling change and I can appreciate the times we had rather than the times we will no longer have. I have only just found this website and hope that this can help with the healing process.

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Jun 19, 2013
Heart broken and miss my mum too!
by: Sophie

Hi Lauren,
I hope you are coping as well as can be expected. I too lost my beautiful mum on 16/03/13 the worst day of my life.
She was only 68 had battled with leukaemia for 20 years, we thought she would bounce back after chemo like she had done before. Not this time, the chemo didn't work and my best friend, my everything has now gone forever.
A week after she passed I found out I am pregnant, something I thought would never happen to me. She wanted me to have a child more than anything. I feel this is her gift to me. It's hard being heart broken and happy all at once.
I just wanted to tell you that I'm going through exactly the same thing and that you need to try and stay strong for your little girl, your mum would have wanted that.
I hope that things get easier for us, at the moment for me the pain isn't easing up at all, I'm worried this will effect my un born baby so I'm trying to be strong too.
Take care hun, my thoughts are with you and your family x

May 18, 2013
Lost my mum so suddenly
by: Ruth

I lost my mum on 17/3/13 from heart attack due to fluid around her lungs and chest infection. if I could have just had one more hug. My mum was 75, apart from a heart murmor she had had for more 40 years, she was very active for her age. To make it worse this was the first time she was ever admitted to hospital in her whole life, and she lost her battle there.

I don't think it has sunk it yet( as I keep thinking she will be coming home soon) but I know she has gone to The Lord. Every day is a struggle, people say to me it will get better, but will it(my mum was my best friend and carer) now I don't have either!!!

Apr 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

There are so many similarities between u and me. Am the only child so have been very close with my parents. Lost mum may 2011 very unexpectedly. She had just turned 62 and I was 26. I can proudly say that my mama loved me the most in the whole world and so did I. We talked so many times a day and met pretty often. I m married but only abt 2 hours away so every month I wud go and spend a couple of days with my parents. I feel so sorry for my dad and for myself too. Everyone has mothers at this age. I can't help but feel bad wen I look around. I also need my mom. Tom if I have a kid, how wil i manage without her. I wish this was all a bad dream....

Apr 25, 2013
Heartbroken and miss my mum very much
by: Doreen U.K.

Lauren you express clearly what I feel and so many other people feel in the early days of loss and grief. I hurt to see other's going on in life as if their lives were untouched by tragedy. It hurt to hear other's laugh on T.V. not realising there were people out there in deep pain and hurt having lost someone from their life. I also hurt having lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer almost a year ago and not being able to see his 2 baby grandchildren grow up. It has to get better in time. These are normal feelings of grief. The deeper our grief the more we will feel that what we lost was so very unfair. Just to have a few more years would have made the difference to our life. Somehow we will never understand why some people live to their 80/90's whilst other's leave the world earlier. My father is 91yrs. and wanted to die 10yrs. ago when my mother died. He has had a poor quality of life for the last 10yrs. and in severely disables with strokes appearing now and he is slowly dying. I do feel sad but I expect it. It is more acceptable. I hope you will be comforted in your sorrow and find healing in the months ahead.

Apr 25, 2013
by: Leticia

I am so sorry you loss you mother. I know how hard it is to loss a love one. I had three children. My oldest son came and live with me so I could help him take with his 5 little ones while he goes to work. Well, on Sept 14, 2012 in morning he went to work and had a heart attack and rolled his surburben and died. The pain of losing your child is so unbearable that I can't get over it. He was a single father and a great dad, son brother and grandson. His children were his life. On his spare time he was involved in all there activities and sport. It's been 7 months now that he's been gone. I became so depress and would cry all the time. I couldn't even get out of bed. I forced myself to go to a grieving support group and I can't tell you how helpful it has been for me. You don't feel alone and these people in your group are feeling that void you are going through. Maybe you should look some up and most of them are free to attend. I pray your pain will lessened. Your in my prayers. Grieving Mom

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