I'm torn apart after my only son Kenn took his own life. He was 18 and always looked so happy and had everything. I feel so heartbroken, I cry everyday. It's been 4months since I lost my baby but I still find it so hard to cope. I even went back to work but don't have the strength to do my job as I used to before. People say they understand but they don't. They try to make me smile and say things that will ease the pain but it doesn't help. Work is the last place I want to be, as I don't think I get enough time to grieve for my son. My family has been really supportive, but I still feel such in deep pain. I even tried to get some professional help. I'm devastated, I wish I could turn back the clock and change things. I don't know what to do. I'm going through a very rough time. Please help!

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Sep 28, 2014
Dear Heartbroken, I need your help!
by: Jennie

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Hi Pat from Green Bay, and Anonymous MI:

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Sep 20, 2014
Your son
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss and what you are going through. I lost my son eight months ago, and even though I believe each of experience this loss in a different way, I can relate to it. I wish I had a magic answer but there isn't one. We have to find our own way through this. I have found that my faith has become stronger and that has been a blessing. I have found strength and comfort in The Serenity Prayer. this helps me to sort things out. It may sound like I am a religious fanatic, I am not. I am just another sad mom who has found a simple prayer that helps me. I hope it helps you too. My prayers are with you.

Sep 19, 2014
Your son
by: Kate

My heart breaks for you. I lost my wonderful son 22 months ago and I don't know how I have gotten this far on the grief road. It is a hard road!!! You get all kinds of emotions that come,hurt pain sorrow anger guilt and you really don't know what to do. You may scream why and find no answer. All of that is normal. It is too hard to accept that they are gone! You are not alone,on here many are feeling the loss and do understand. Others who have not been there,sympathize but do not know. You can only keep doing what you can each day.
My heart is with you as you struggle through this pain. God help us all. I ask every day for help from holy God.

Sep 19, 2014
by: Doreen UK

Dear Heartbroken Mother,
I am so sorry for your loss of your young son at 18yrs. You carried this child for 9 months and reared him to be the young man he was. Of course you will be devastated and torn for a long time. It has only been 4 months and this is not long enough time to be moving forward. The pain of grief is so intense and painful like no other pain one can experience. It rips you in two. You could greatly benefit from seeing a grief counsellor for support and guidance.
My nephew was 30yrs. of age and had no job, and home and he was on medication for depression, which carried suicidal side effects. One Friday night in September 10yrs. ago he threw himself in front of an express train. My sister was in pieces and could not cope and needed the support of a grief counsellor to go to her home and pick her up. This support worked so well and she is in a stronger place emotionally. She recovered better than if she did not have counselling support. Of course as a mother she will never fully recover from the loss of her son. But she is in a stable place where she can cope with daily life.
I lost my husband 2yrs.4months ago to a long battle with cancer and it took me 6 months to start any recovery from my grief. I found the best way on this site by TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME. Grief does assault the body and I could not do any work at all for full 6 months. I then started taking one job a day and then two and scaled back when I needed to. I still only take one day at a time and pace myself with any work I do. People will try to cheer you up, but it won't work as your pain will be deeper than anyone can understand. Take time out for yourself and try and build yourself up every day, this will help your grief and recovery.

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