heaven has a new angel

by Rodney Smith
(Birtle Manitoba Canada)

my MOTHER PASSED AWAY august 8 2013 from inoperative brain cancer.

That night has to be the worst in my life.

I told mom once while she was in palliative at the Hospital that I owe her everything.

Indeed I owe her my existence.

Mom and dad did not have to have me.

They choose to bring another life into this overcrowded world, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

I believe the Soul is eternal, and that the love which is at the heart of our existence can never die.

Indeed it is in reality a part of God, who is the definition of Love that He loans to us so that we too may exist.

What has now occurred is that GOD wanted to have mom close to him for a while so He called her home.

It is terribly hard on those of us who are left behind, but I know my mother has a beautiful home in Paradise. Her suffering was very great, but now she is at peace.

Mom carried me in her own body for 9 months, with me kicking as soon as I grew legs and wanting to get this life started. Mom told me once she was glad to give birth to me, as she finally could get some sleep. Until the 2 oclock feedings of course.

She was in fact an Angel in human form who fantastically choose to live among us for a while, and did so very much to make this world a bearable..

I have asked that her Prayer Shawl, which was given to her by the Birtle UCW, be placed in her casket. She deserves its comfort as she made literally hundreds of them for others over the years.

In 1974, I was deathly ill. I will eternally be grateful to this angel. She would fly into Edmonton every Tuesday on the base shuttle with 2 dozen home baked chocolate chip cookies. One dozen for me, and another to pay/bribe the student nurses to ensure I got the back rubs I needed and my bed sores healed faster.

Mom taught me to walk when I was a toddler, and she taught me again to walk and to write when I was in hospital and my brain simply forgot how to do many things. Without her, I would not have had the strength to survive my hospital ordeal and certainly would not be the person I am today.

After I returned to School following my hospital adventure I wrote a language arts paper I entitled: My Private Nurse”. That is how I feel about my mom.

Mom has a kind, gentle soul. She was constantly doing things for others. Whether it was teaching Sunday school, working on countless church committees and presbytery she lived her faith every second of every day. I can honestly say that I never felt that my mother would ever tell a lie, and to my knowledge she never did.

Mom also was strong in community building, on town council for 11 years, the Birdtail County Museum Board and many other organizations. She simply was rarely home most of the winter.

The passion of her life was to my father and to her family. We lived for the first 18 years of there married life in small, poorly insulated housing on military bases in Canada and Europe. She loved this country and the freedom we all share, and she taught me to share that love. Mom Served in many posts with the Legion Auxiliary Royal Canadian Legion and died as provincial Commander for Manitoba and North West Ontario. Many will say that just because we dependents were not actually in uniform we did not serve, but I lived the life and I can tell you that base brats also serve their country.

The heart of who mom is that she was the wife and soul mate of my father. Wherever we lived I always knew that we as a family were together and we were surrounded by love and joy, Together my parents built a Christian home and nurtured me and my brother in a sea of love.

Since my moms passing my brother and myself have been dealing with my palliative father at home in Birtle. My dad is slowly dying from brain cancer himself. It is a challenge and a learning experience that we take day by day. We have to give thanks each day for the gift from God of another day with our father still in this life.

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Dec 18, 2013
My father passed nov 17th He also was palliative with stage 4 Cancer
by: Rodney Smith

Just when I was beginning to feel a bit more my normal self, although I still have a long way to go to ever be my old self.

On Sunday Nov 17th 2013 my father who was in palliative since my mothers death, passed of his stage 4 brain cancer. Means my brother and me had another funeral to plan and an estate to be executors for. And we are having to deal with our grief for our fathers death in the middle of the Christmas season.

Just doesn't seem very fair. But that is the life God has called us to live through and find the light at the end of the tunnel.


Oct 13, 2013
heaven has a new angel
by: Doreen UK

Rodney I am sorry for you and your brother's loss of your mom and now your dad dying from cancer.
You paid a worthy tribute to your mom and I am happy for your memories of an Angel in the form of MOM. I am a Mom and hope that I have done the same caring for my 3 Adult children. This is what a Mother was born for. To nurture her family and give of herself 24/7. Such dedication is borne of God and I am happy you grew up in a Christian Home. You will have that Blessed Hope of knowing you will see your Mom again in ETERNITY. This is also what I hope for. To see My Mom again since her death 10 years ago. and to see my Beloved husband who died 17 months ago to a deadly cancer.
I hope you get through the remaining time of your father's life with the Comfort and Peace of God. May God sustain you and your brother and Bless you in the days ahead.

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