Helping me with our son from the great beyond

by Hope

Helping me with out son from beyond

Helping me with out son from beyond

My Love,

I thank you and the great beyond for answering my prayers. Our son has been moody, not wanting to eat worrying me to death. To the point I was in tears at work not knowing what to do. So I prayed for an answer, Begged for help, a direction in which way to go to help our son.

The Aspergers syndrome does not help matters with communication. Upon your death he seemed unaffected except that he missed playing games with you. He was by my side night and day trying to stop my pain, my grief and now I had not a clue what was going on, where this depression was coming from.

Finally I contacted the school psychologist, She has a way with him and a one on one trust that is absolutely necessary to speak a two way conversation. She spoke to him and called me back, He misses you... And he didn't want to worry me. She encouraged him to talk to me about it. And he did struggle telling me what was in his heart. I took him out to dinner and tried my best to explain that grief does not just end. There is no finish line and if you miss your dad it only shows how much you love and miss him. I spoke for both of us. Trying desperately to be there for him and help him through this.

I do thank you and the great beyond for answering my prayers...
Your wife forever

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Nov 14, 2011
God Bless
by: Ruth Mattucci

This is a very touching post. God Bless you and your son. I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. I can tell you love him so.....

Nov 13, 2011
Thanks Trish...


Thank you for your post it means the world to me. As I approach the dreaded 2nd year mark I find myself back sliding on occasion. Much stronger because of my grief, yet still vulnerable. Dealing with roofers, repairs all the things that Paul use to do that I did not have to deal with. It has made me more independent. Against my will at first.

With grief we change who we are. It is inevitable making this new life, one that we certainly did not welcome or want. With age or grief I do not have the time to play games anymore not even with my own children. Yes of course the young one, I worry about still and try to make a life for us. But the older ones will occationally try to wah boo hoo about this or that and it is life. The good the bad the indifferent. I no longer sweat the small still. Life really is too short for the bull shit.

Nov 13, 2011
Help From Beyond
by: TrishJ

It's so wonderful that you are feeling Paul's strength and wisdom from beyond. That's all I ask for. I just want to feel that Joe is with me. I'm having major problems with my two adult children (fighting as if they are still teenagers). I'm already dreading the holidays coming and now with my children not speaking to each other ~ it will be interesting. I ask Joe every day for help with this. He was always the peace keeper. Now that their dad is gone it's as if they are in competition for my approval and affection. They both want me to tell them they are right and they're actually both wrong.
It's wonderful......but so sad at the same time that your son is worried about your feelings. He's trying to be the man of the family for you Hope. At his age it's very frustrating. He obviously saw Paul take care of you and he wants to do the same. He is a wonderful young man but young is the key word here. He misses his dad and doesn't quite know how to expend all of his frustration so he goes within.
Keep praying. I'm praying daily asking God and Joe what I should do with these two stubborn lunk heads. I just want to tell them both to grow up but I know they're hurting too over their dad's death. If we only had all the answers how easy our lives would be.
I know things will work out for both of us.
Friends in grief.

Nov 12, 2011
Help from the great beyond
by: M Mack


I am so happy your prayers were answered and you should keep prayer in your life moving forward. There is comfort in prayer and many have been granted indulgences in times of need from prayer.

Your son is special and considerate of you. As parents, you did something right. Your son is good person, worried about mom and I believe he will always be caring and considerate as he grows into manhood. Right now, he needs you so be strong as you have worked so hard get where you are.

Paul is helping you more than you know. He is along side of you and his boy, and will continue to do whatever he can to be there for both of you in spirit and support from beyond.

You are a survivor and we are all struggling to complete our life's tasks. Keep up the good work, hold onto your faith and love will overcome all. My best to you and praying we can all move along to happy times. We deserve to embrace life as we know it is only a stepping stone to our eternity.

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