Henry Peltier,17 (1995-2012)R.I.P

by Jack Peltier
(FW Texas)

My brother Henry was my best friend all my life.I remember all the good times i had with him over the 15 years of my life.I also remember the times i thought were bad,like when he would be mean to me or hit me.After the recent loss of my brother i realize how much i miss the mean things he would do to me,also the fun things we would do together.
Henry Peltier(17) passed away July 5th 2012, in a fatal car accident.I remember that day like it was yesterday.
The night before was one of the best nights i ever had with him,i remember thinking how much i love my brother that night we were with are friends watching the fire works,having a really good time.we were even at our grand mas by the time we were supposed to be.
The next mourning my mom came to pick us up we went home and mowed the lawn like my mother asked.I didn't get to talk to him as much as i wanted to that day,who knows maybe if i had he wouldn't have been where he was at that time.My brother was going to run a few arr ens with our best friend.I remember looking out the front door watching him get into the car that was the last time I saw my brother.I wish I would have ran out there and told them to be safe.
It really sucks not having him here with me. I wanted to get old with him, and I wander what he could have done in his life.I feel like I was robbed of my only brother and the best friend i will ever have.I love and miss my brother very much may he forever rest in peace.
I think that there is a lesson that i have learned from this loss of my brother it is that you should always be grateful for what you have,it might not be there tomorrow.
-Jack Peltier

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Jan 07, 2013
I understand
by: Kaitlyn, TX

I was 15 when my brother died in a car accident as well. We had went to school together..had the same friends..the whole nine yards! I don't know that there is anything I could say to make it better, in fact I know there is not. It's hard. I'm not going to lie...people will be walking on egg shells around you for a long time. My brothers car accident happened 4/20/2005..he was hit by a drunk driver on his way to get my little sister a lunchable. He was an amazing person, as I'm sure Henry was...nothing will make it better, and unfortunately time only makes it harder. The best thing you can do is learn to cope with it. Music helps me..focus on what he would have wanted you to do with your life. He is still here with you in spirit. When you find yourself asking "what do I do now?"...think about what would make him proud. You're success and happiness is what would make him happy. And don't ever lose your drive. I find myself forgetting what my goals are and falling into what's fun right now..what will take my mind off of my feelings in the moment. Watch out for that...you don't want to lose sight of where you want to go in life. Lean on your family and friends...we have already learned the hard way. They won't be here forever! Thoughts and prayers for your family!

Jul 29, 2012
my thoughts are with you!
by: Leslie Roberts (Peltier)

Hello Jack, I'm your dads cousin. I live here in West Texas. You might remember me calling and talking to your dad. My dad Dave is your Grandpa Hanks brother. I'm so sorry that yall are hurting so bad, when dad called to let me know about the accident I was in pain too for yall. All of your feelings are completely normal, and everyone grieves in their own way. When such tragedies happen, the shock of the news, the phone call seems almost unreal and as you start to grieve, the range of pain and emotions will change from day to day, and sometimes hour by hour. Be patient with yourself and and your mom and dad. You will need to be there for each other. Give Blue hugs too! Three is a scripture in Ecclesiasties 9:11 " time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all". It helps us to see that accidents can happen, But God is a God of love and he did not choose to have this happen. James 1:13 says" With evil things God cannot be tried, nor does he try anyone.". But he is keenly aware of the intense pain you are suffering and in Psalms 56:8 it says that God keeps our tears in a skin bottle, helping us to see that he is close to us until the time when all the things that cause us to suffer will be no more. Neither tears nor death nor pain will be anymore, the former things will not be called to mind. Revelation 21:4 gives us a promise from God. That can be a comfort for you for the future. John 5:28,29 says that we can have a wonderful hope of seeing our loved ones through Jesus words that there will be a ressurection, and those one will have the opportunity to live in paradise conditions hear on earth. Psalms 37: 9,10,29. Gives the promise of the meek inheriting the earth, and living in true peace and security when tragedies will no longer happen. These Bible promises comfort me too because of losing close friends, and my mom who passed from lung cancer like your Grandma Glee. Death is a horrible enemy of us all. It will take some time for the pain to dull alittle. Healing will take place in time, but I am sure you would rather have him here than be having to accept anything. I hope to meet you, as we are only 5 hours away from each other. Your Grandpa has my address, I spoke with him in May. Please feel free to call, and give your mom and dad a hug from me and tell them how sorry I am for yall.,

Jul 21, 2012
I understand you
by: Diego

Hi Jack, so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother…I also lost my beloved and only brother two months ago, he died suddenly from a heart attack, how this happen? He was only 26 for Christ sake, he was such a happy young man, it was not his time, and I just can’t understand…all the people said that it was God will and that my brother is in heaven right now but I feel cheated, I feel anger…I think about him every single day, we were supposed to live a long life together and that’s not going to happen…I’m trying really hard to find peace; going to church, going to a local grief group, reading books etc…but this felling of emptiness is getting bigger every day…not sure if I’m going to make it through this…nothing have sense anymore…wish you all the best pal.

Jul 19, 2012
Henry Peltier, 17 RIP (1995-2012)
by: Doreen U.K.

Jack I am sorry for the loss of your brother Henry. I am so glad you had the night before with him and that you remembered what a lovely evening you spent together. You embraces the challenges in life and you are mature enough to remember the good times but also be a realist to know that you had bad times but you put it all in some perspective.
I am sorry you won't get to have your brother grow up with you and be there for you in life and grow old together.
Life is so fragile and we take life for granted until it changes and we lose the ones we LOVE.
You are wise enough to know that "Be greatfull for what you have because you may not have it there tomorrow." We should embrace those we have in our life because we don't know how long they will be with us. May God Bless you in life and may God put someone in your life that will mentor you and be your best friend as good as a brother.
The Bible does say. "There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." May you find one. And may you be One. Best wishes

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