Her beautiful lovely soul, all from a mistake from the dr.

by Mariam Bahi
(Lebanon, beirut)

holding my mom's hand while she was sleeping

holding my mom's hand while she was sleeping

holding my mom's hand while she was sleeping
My Mom ( before cancer)
after being diagnosed by cancer

My mom 25 days ago died, she had breast cancer but 1 year and 6 month ago she was diagnosed by having breast cancer .The doctor made a big mistake, usually mom do her check up mamography and other exams every 6 months but when the doctor saw that there's something in her breast he didn't tell her that she had to do a biopsy. One day mom was changing her clothes in front of me, i saw that the shape of her right breast is different from the other one and After 6 months when she came back to do her exams and mammography she was already too late.. She was at beginning of stage 4 as the cancer was spread to her lumps and neck ..and the doctors told us she is going to be fine and that she's in her first stage .we were glad because it was not late , me,18 year old girl ,my twin sister and my 3 year old sister were comforting her .. 2 month ago we found out that cancer has spread to her brain, lungs , bones an other organs because one day she had like a stroke she couldn't remember our name , she couldn't say our names when me and my uncles saw her like this we cried a lot , and even when we were in front of her we couldn't catch our tears from falling. 2 month ago when we found out that the cancer has spread we were so shocked, we saw her suffering but without saying a word . The doctor was shocked because she didn't scream , she didn't cry , not a single word .we saw her suffering , in pain , we couldn't do anything .She stayed strong and alive 1 year and 6 month , the doctors said she has only 6 month to live but she fought , i can never forget her lovely beautiful face .. I lost my father 8 years ago so me and my sisters are living with my uncle now. What a hard life to live without a mother . I miss the times when she screamed and yelled at us to clean our rooms and to study .. I miss Kissing her goodnight before sleeping . I miss her soul . R.I.P mom 4/1/2013 and dad 4/2/2004 "She lived for those she loved and those she loved remember." i love you mom <3

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Jan 30, 2013
Her beautiful lovely soul, all from a mistake from the dr.
by: Doreen U.K.

Mariam I am sorry for your loss of your mom from breast cancer which was neglected and caused her an untimely death. Doctors get so much wrong and should be held accountable for any negligence. You may have to take this further with the higher medical authorities. I did this. I fought for my husband. He had a rare and serious cancer. Deadly growing in the lungs over a period of 40years working with asbestos. My husband suffered badly and suffered severe neglect due to a failure in resources because of a lack of funding. Your mother's death was a senseless cruelty due to neglect. Try and get some grief counselling to help you move forward from this nightmare. Some difficulties with a death we can't cope with by ourselves.

Jan 30, 2013
GOD is my refuge & Vindicator
by: Anonymous

I only know to well how you feel. I lost my husband, it will be 11 months soon, and the doctors misdiagnoise him as having Lymphoma, but actually died of Lieukimia a horrible decease. Doctors think they are GODS, but really they only experiment on the most vulnerable patients like CANCER patients. The only think the doctor is thinking is how much is he making bank from the health insurance, they all knowing that the patient is really dieing, but gives them HOPE as too this chemo will work etc. etc get the picture. I know all to well how you feel, because I too felt like I had cancer. The only thing that keeps me going is having faith, hope in the Lord, and sometimes we can bare it NO more, that you get down on your knees & pray, pray, pray you will live through the next day. Watch out for evil intended people, who prey on the vulnerable, wife's widows left behind. It's like you have a sign in your forehead & ugly evil people prey on those who are vulnerable. I'm sorry just expressing myself. My husband visit's me often (spiritually), and by scripture, and my dog & cat, which were our kids keep me going. They are my therapy for now. Listen I hope when you get sad, lonely, angry & frustrated or distress, pick up a book, that keeps the soul going at least for a moment. I pick up books of angels, the bible, and go to the beach where me and my husband used to go for walks. I think I have said enough, but do what makes you feel better in your heart or mine, just try not to go backwards, and try real hard to go forward. Not easy, but GOD bless you.

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