Here today, Gone tomorrow

by Melissa
(Washington State)

June 26th 2009, It was the first Friday of my new job and I was walking in to my morning meeting when the phone rang and Jenny said Melissa it is for you... it is about your mom at St. Clare Hospital. I said My mom is not at St. Clare. Grabbing the phone I said "HELLO?" and it was a chaplain from the hospital who said he had my step dad there with him and then Gordy got on the phone "Crying" "Melissa, Your mom had a really bad heart attack" That is all he said; I told him I am coming...

Driving to the hospital, it was the LONGEST ride in the world. I felt like I couldn't get there fast enough. The sun was shining and I remember thinking, This can't be happening. When I arrived I walked into the ER and said "where is my mom", my sister was in an empty room with chaplain Alvie and I saw the empty bed and fell to the gound... MY sister said No, melissa she is not gone, they are working on her but it doesn't look good. I demanded to see her and went to her room and they were working on her, shocking her and trying to keep her alive.

They did determine that it was indeed a blockage in her heart so they had to transport her to St. Joes. So by then my mom's best friends, husband, my husband, sister and brother-in-law were all there and we all walked her out to the Ambulance and then when my mom got to St. Joes they took her right in to surgery. We all sat out in the waiting room.

By this time it was Gordy (my mom's Husband), me, My husband, my sister, her husband, my step brother Nick, my mom's brother and his girl friend, Alvie the Lakewood Chaplin, my mom's best friends and their husbands, all sitting in the waiting room. The doctor came out and showed us a video of my mom's heart and said it was 99% blocked and she was not out of the woods yet. She was still very very sick. He told us she would be up on the 5th floor in recovery soon and we could go up there to see her. So up we went.

We waited like 2 hours, which felt like 10, to see her. We kept butting heads with the nurses because they just wanted to do thier job and we just wanted to see my mom. The Doctor came out and told Gordy that it did not look good and that she probably will not make it. We sat with my mom in her room for the rest of the day. When they would give her some medicine through an IV she would react in a way where she would start thrashing around and even open her eyes. They said that was just because they were giving her a certain kind of medicine. We were all there until about 11:00pm. My sister Nicky was in Vegas and saw mom for the first time at 9pm after a long day of traveling to get home to see her.

June 27, 2009. My eyes flew open at 6AM I jumped up actually mad at myself for falling asleep. Threw on some comfy clothes and drove to the hospital thinking how could people go on with their life when I am dealing wtih something so horrible. How could that person on the street corner be smiling, why is the sun shining? When I got there Gordy, Nicky and DeAnna were all there. We all sat and talked a little and then the nurses told us we needed to leave because it was shift change.

So Deanna went home for awhile and Gordy, Nicky and I went downstairs to get something to eat. We called some family and friends who did not know what was going on. We then took a walk around the hospital on the outside, then headed back up to see my mom. The next thing I remember is the Doctor telling us that my mom is not doing good at all and that she will start feeling some pain if she hasn't already. That is when we all decided (Gordy, my two sisters and myself) to pull her off of everything that was keeping her alive.

Before they took her off of everything we had a pastor say a prayer for my mom, it was the coolest thing EVER, all of my mom's cousins were there, her best friends, her kids, her husband, her brother, we all bowed down for a prayer for her and then we sent her on her way and the nurse took her off of everything and it took maybe 5 minutes before everything stoped working and she was gone. Just her body was there. We all just sat there in disbelief. We then made some more calls and hung out with my mom's body for as long as we wanted to. When we decided to leave we all headed over to my sister DeAnna's house... that is where we all just sat there not knowing where to start. We did get some ideas and stuff for the funeral and after that everything was just a blur.

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