Heroin hurts.

by Christianna White
(Jacksonville, FL )

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I couldn't believe it when I got a friend request on facebook from my long lost love. He was my childhood sweetheart. From the minute I walked into my school in the 6th grade I knew when I saw him in the office that I was IN LOVE. : ) and I was. He was a year older than me, but we had the same eyes. I grew up loving him.
In the eighth grade he carved my initials into his forearm. All the boys carved their girlfriends initials into them, but his were twice the size of everyone else and three times as deep. I didn't understand why he did that!
I remember dancing together and doing everything else together. He made me feel so loved. We broke up and got back together, etc. etc.
Then -as most young love ends up, I went away for the summer and he got with some girl at some party while I was gone. He begged for me to not leave him, but I did. I left him with a picture of me and on the back of it I wrote, "Have a nice life." I rode off into the sunset in a red convertible.
-even tho we had planned to spend our lives together. I went my separate way and let him go on his own path.
I dated his good friend even, but it didn't compare. I missed him so much but I went on with my life and eventually moved away.
10 years passed. Our high school reunion was approaching, I got a letter with ten names of people that they were trying to find -his was the first name. I quickly contacted his family and asked if everything was ok. -I had a bad feeling, and I knew that he had gotten into some trouble after school.
His sister (God bless her) messaged me and let me know that my Dusty was OK., that he was in a program and that she would let him know that I was trying to get a hold of him.
I heard from him via Facebook about six months later. He said he was trying to get his life straight. I didn't know the details.
I offered him my friendship, although I was about six states away. We talked about having a phone conversation to catch up.
& then I didn't hear from him for like another 8 months.
I sent him a message about 8 months later and then a day or so after that I got a text message.
He was just out of JAIL.
His life had been a rollercoaster. He had gotten mixed up in drugs and got locked up. He had 2 daughters, by two different girls, he wanted so bad to have a normal life.
I couldn't believe it. He said he was "Clean"
I said from what,
he said from dope
I didn't know what that even meant.
weed? -no,
he said "Dope is heroin."

He said, I know, don't ever try it it will kick you on your ass.
: (
I started crying.
I cried hard.
I didn't even know why but I was sooooooo upset.
I told him to get his phone straight so that we could talk.

He called me.
and we never stopped talking.
that was in August.
we talked all day texting and we would talk through the night.
I had my best friend back! I had my LOVE.
We talked about how we should have never broken up and how I should have been the one to have his babies.
He thought his life was over, he felt like a drug addict. I told him of how I knew this great family growing up in church and my mom told me that the dad was a recovering heroin addict. We had hope.
Then I didn't hear from him one morning.
He had gone out to a bar the night before.
I eventually heard from him and he told me, he didn't understand why people would approach him. He said, "I don't get it, I want to be free from it, do I look like a drug addict?!" I told him how I thought it was an evil spirit trying to attack him.
We prayed. I prayed for him.

Finally he told me he was going to go to rehab.
Thank GOD! He was supposed to go on Saturday.
It was Thursday.
He told me that afternoon that he woke up and took an ecstasy pill. I told him, "Dusty, that can alone kill you! you don't know what is in that stuff!!!"
He said then he drank 2 40's. (of beer) -this was all before ten a.m.
and then he stole from his cousin and went out an traded stuff for 5 grams of heroin.
I begged him to throw it away.
He said that he learned that he could get higher by shooting it. I warned him that there was no way that he could regulate how much he was taking. I begged for him to get out of his room.
He went down and talked to his roommate/landlord. I told him to talk to him and tell him what he was doing. He told him that he had a drug problem. His landlord said he would take him to rehab in the morning.
Dusty got back on the phone with me and said he was going to rehab in the morning.
THANK GOD I said, I had texted his mom and his cousin in the process, because I was so worried.
but he kept using.
I told him that I didn't want for the first time that I saw him in ten years to be at his funeral. I didn't want him to be there in spirit saying, "Damn she looks good, I wish I would have listened."
He cried. I told him how I teach at a school full of girls who don't have their daddies, and how it is not a fun or easy way to grow up.
He cried.
He said he loved me,
but he kept on using.
ONE LAST HURRAHHH he said. I warned him, I knew that it was a dangerous time because he knew he was going to be without the drug the next day.
I couldn't take it anymore. He was getting off the phone with me periodically to shoot more of the drug.
We had talked about how he was going to move here with me as soon as he was out of rehab and how we would sit on the beach together and hold hands and grow old together. I told him I would raise his girls like they were my own. We talked about having a child of our own.
I got off the phone. I couldn't take it anymore. I just prayed PLEASE GOD Thank you, he only has to make it until tomorrow. He said he'd wake up. He promised. He said he knew when he had had too much. I told him I would die, his mom would die if we had to live without him. He promised he wouldn't do any more and that he'd drink some water. He told me how much he loved me. He thanked me -for being me. When we talked about our dreams and about what he was going to do with the rest of his life he said, "I don't know Chris, maybe I am on this earth to make you happy."

I woke up at 9:52 a.m.
9:53 I got a message from his cousin to call him A.S.A.P.
I called, I thought, OH MY GOSH he's not there! -He ran, where did he go?!
"He's gone" I said, "He Left?!" He said, "No Chris, He is gone. I can't wake him up." I heard the paramedics come in, "Is that him" I heard them say.
I finally had my LOVE back. NONONONONONONONONONOOOOOOOOOO He can't be GONE!!!! He promised he would wake up.
He was supposed to be going to rehab that morning, but he went to the morgue instead.
and I did see him.
several days later I spent the $250 to fly up to go to his funeral. The first time I saw him in ten years.
I cried on his collar. I kissed his cold lips.
I will NEVER forgive heroin.

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Jul 20, 2014
I hate heroin
by: Anonymous

Im truly sorry for your loss. My Sister in law is a heroin addict and I am so heartbroken she went from being a great Mom to two beautiful children one who is handicapped and really needs her and the other child who is 16 is very depressed. My nephew lives with his Father but my niece is with her and not a day goes by that I do not worry. She lives at home with my mother in law and leaves for hours while my niece sits in her wheelchair worrying where is my Mom and I know that she is wondering will she be coming back home. This poor child is wise beyond her years and should not have to worry all the time. I don't understand this addiction but Its like some demon took a hold of her soul. She is not the same person that I used to know. I am so angry about this and I have prayed to God to help her. I don't know what her rock bottom is but I am terrified that it will be the morgue. My heart is so heavy and hurting for what she used to be and still can be if she would only let us help her. Please keep her in your prayers her name is Melanie

May 02, 2013
Dusty's message.
by: Anonymous

it is so refreshing to see these responses. I will keep you all in my prayers. My message is to everyone: Stay away from drugs. If you know of anyone who is involved PRAY for them. Take them to get help IMMEDIATELY. Share your stories with others to educate them on the dangers of drugs. God has a better plan for his children and we are all children of the Lord God Most High. May your loved ones now be your angels and bring you peace and comfort. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one. I do believe they are in a better place where they can be free from addiction. That better place does exist on earth, but it's only with Jesus' help and God's love that we can get through anything. You were born with a purpose! Don't give up! <3

Apr 13, 2012
by: Melanie

I lost the love of my life to Hep C from that crap!! He left me when our baby girl was 7 mo old. He had been clean for 4 years, and it was HELL to get him off, but then I found out he had liver damage beyond repair from shooting, and I tried so hard to save him but after 3 long years of watching him get sicker and weaker, and taking care of him, the EMTs coming, and the more frquent trips to the ER over GI bleeds, it was the worst way to see a loved one! I tryed saving his life, but heroin won in the end...even though he was clean and had a baby he loved:( You're not alone!! I don't think 2 minutes have passed since jan 25th 2010, that I haven't thought about him, and had to hold back the tears. It sucks to the point, I have even thought of drugs to erase the pain and take me with him. But I can't. I have his daughter now. Thank God for her or I would be in an asylum or dead myself :p Hang In! We can do it together:)

Jan 28, 2012
by: Jen

I lost my 23yr old son on 10/25/11 to a heroin overdose. The most devastating day of my life - I am so sorry for your loss - I did not know heroin was so deadly but am now finding out so much in hind sight :(. So so sorry for your loss!!

Jan 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

such a sad story i lost my beautiful son the same way with methadone our hearts are broken i hate all drugs x

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