He's Flying the Big Jets Now

by Shandee

My name is Shandee and I am a 21 year old grieving sister. Two weeks ago, I lost my brother of 23 years to a sudden plane crash in Arizona. Davis was my older brother and only sibling.

Let me start off by saying I am not angry with God or anyone else for this terrible tragedy. My brother lived a very full 23 years of his life, and for that I thank the love of our parents, the bond we both shared, and the countless friends he has affected throughout his life.

My family has always been a family of pilots, and we have always understood the fact that it was an inherently risky hobby and career. If we were to warn Davis of that morning, he would still have gone flying to the skies. He felt at home in the sky, and had been flying solo since before he had his driver's license.

Davis was a real go-getter. He PUSHED you. In high-school I instantly recognized that it was the constant pushing that kept us in competition to perform higher throughout school and life. He pushed his friend and the love of his life to kept him polished.

Although our friends have stated that we have never looked too much alike, it is clear that our personalities were closer than we cared to admit. I keep finding little bread crumbs of lost stories in my head and I relate our personalities. Siblings. No bond can be quite like it.

I have no regrets at all about this experience. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and for some reason God numbered his days to April 3, 2012 at age 23. I keep searching for the lesson I am supposed to take away from this, but I keep realizing that it is too soon to be expecting my brain to formulate what I believe it needs. Once I am ready to open my eyes, God will be there with the next step.

Davis loved me, and I loved him so very very much. The last thing I said to him on the phone was how proud I was of him and how much I loved him. Each time before we would get off the phone we would say "I love you." I knew a lot of this had to do with the fact that I moved to Texas for college, but none the less, we've been verbally loving each other since we were young. Davis and my dad were finally seeing eye to eye and he and my mom's relationship was second to none. Davis' life was happy. Who can regret one instance from that?

Davis and I were too rough rocks as children. Throughout our lives, the constant fighting, the competition with each other, and the everlasting love beat the rocks roughness away to show the smooth and pristine stones underneath.
i know that this process is a long one - a life long process of learning to take those first steps. I have always looked up to my mentor, my rock and it is difficult to cope with the fact that my children won't have an uncle, or I won't have any blood nieces or nephews. He was supposed to dance with me at my wedding.

I love you Davis Lynn, may you be flying the big jets with God in heaven with Mike as your copilot, smiling down upon us. Keep sending your strength to those of us left here. I will see you again, that I am sure of. I have always been proud of you, and I have never been more honored to call you my brother. You have big shoes to fill, and no one is about to touch them. I have my own shoes to walk in, and I can't wait to share my life story with you when I see you in heaven.

Much much love,

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Apr 18, 2012
In Awe of you
by: Julie

Shandee, your outlook on this horrible tragedy is something to be commended. One year later from losing my younger brother and I am still angry. It's hard to accept a death with no clear answer as to "why", but somehow you've done it. I envy you that way.

I, too, never got to dance with my brother at my wedding. we moved my wedding up so that he could attend(he was dying of Leukemia), but he went into the hospital just 4 days before the day. He watched the wedding via Skype, we visited him in the ICU after the ceremony, but I felt like a huge piece of me was missing with him not being there. My grief has morphed over the past year- realizing the different things that we have lost. He never got to see our first house, meet my horse, he'll never be able to hold my children... etc. But those are selfish things. I would rather him be out of pain than suffering and still with us.

It just really stinks. Your relationship with Davis sounds like mine with Shawn. We just "got" each other. We'll always be missing them.

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