He's my everything

by Tatiana

I'm a 14-15 year old girl from Montreal and one of my best friend's said to me that he will move to Calgary but he will still be visiting us .. but he lied.He's never going to come back again. He send me a message saying:'' I don't know if I should tell you this or not but I think I have too.. I'm not going to Calgary because of my parent's, i'm going there because I have blood cancer and I want to see my family for the last time but please promise me that you won't say this to anybody it's just between you and me and the doctor said that I only have 7-8 months left.'' I was crying all night and thinking about him...I don't know what to do to save him. He was always there for me and everybody else.. he is a loving and caring person. Anybody would love to be his friend.. but nobody cared about him here that's why he's leaving us .. it sucks and it hurts me a lot but I don't think there's anything that I can do to help him survive.I'm all broken and i'm praying so everything will be all right but I don't think it will be :(

-Plzz help me, I don't want to lose him he's everything for me &' he means the whole world to me. Plz help me!

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Aug 27, 2012
He's my everything
by: Pat J.

15-that's the age I was when I met the handsome young man who would 3 years later become my husband. We were married for 46 years when he died from a massive heart attack.
47 years ago, a week after my wedding, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had numerous surgeries and 7 years of remission. After 7 years her cancer came back. Her doctor gave 3 months to live-she lived another 2 1/2 years.
Your friend put you in a very hard place for such a young girl. Do you have a parent you can talk to or a school counselor? This is way too much for you to carry alone. Your friend is in Gods hands. I do not know how christian you are, but prayer really helps. We don't always get what we pray for, but we do get the strength to get through the rough times.
I hope you have a good relationsip with a parent; they are very good at keeping our secrets.You cannot keep the information your friend told you all to yourself. He himself is in shock. We can only imagine what he is going through. You don't have to tell him you shared what he told you with anyone. Talk to someone you really trust. I will be keeping you in my prayers. I have 8 grandchildren; maybe even talking to a grandparent would help you. Grandparents may share with mom or dad that you are in a rough place right now and talk to them. They are your parents; they love you and will support you. If you are not close to them, please talk to someone, you are close to and can trust to keep your secret. I am so sorry your friend shared this with you; yet he must really care about you alot.

Aug 27, 2012
He's my everything
by: Doreen U.K.

Tatiana I am so very sorry for your sadness and sorrow over the bad news of your best friend. He lied for a good reason. He is hurting and sad knowing he is going to die. you are so young and not mature enough to handle such distressing news which is why you are finding this news extra distressing. You are also being put in a very difficult position of having to keep quiet and not tell anyone when what you want to do is scream and let everyone share your pain and concern over this tragedy.
Your friend will need so much support and care from you. You may not feel strong enough to carry this burden of news all by yourself. If it got out later that you knew about your friend and didn't say anything, would the family understand you were asked to keep this to yourself? or would they be angry with you for keeping this to yourself and denying everyone the opportunity of being more supportive and saying what they needed to say whilst he is still alive? All these facts need to be processed carefully and let your friend also know the difficulty for you here. This will only add to your grief if the wrong decision were to be made even for the right reasons. You will also live with less REGRETS. Better to iron out now what you can. Faced with such bad news is not easy for anyone to process the right thing to do. My husband had cancer for over 3 yrs. I had to watch him slowly deteriorate and slowly die each day before my eyes and it hurt so bad. I tried everything to help him survive. I even contacted the God Channell in America to ask them to pray for Steve. Steve started to get better and I saw evidence of a miracle and then suddenly Steve went downhill. I waited and waited for this miracle. I was panic stricken. I was desperate to save him. I was devastated when he died 4 months ago. I am still fractured and broken. I MISS HIM SO MUCH. I have to fight each day myself. Just sit and be with your friend as often as you can. Give your total support and love to him. This caring will mean so much. Even if you sit and say nothing. Silence will speak volumes. Keep posting here so that we can support you through each stage of your grief. You grief starts the day you get the bad news, not just when a person dies. I hope you get through this terrible journey with HOPE and support from this site as this is a heavy burden for one so young to carry by themselves.

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