He's pretty Yogi for a Bear

by Joe


Here's "My Boy"

My wife and I had two female dogs in 2003. On Thanksgiving day, My wife and dogs, while driving, saw a small Chihuahua get hit by a car. She picked him up and brought him home. Took him to our vet the next day.

He had a broken leg, which got fixed. The vet guessed his age to be about 3 years old. The vet also said he was pretty lucky (to be picked up by my wife). That became his name, Mr. Lucky. About a year later, my nickname for him became 'Yogi the Bear'. I would say to him, "Mr. Lucky, you're pretty yogi for a bear".

April 12th, 2009, was Easter Sunday. Also the day my wife died of cancer (after 3 years). I stumbled along, trying to get through it, forcing myself to do things that I didn't feel like doing, with my 3 dogs at my side. I'm sure they are wondering ' where's mom?'

Towards the end of summer, Mr. Lucky got to where he wasn't eating very good. I took him to to my vet (now of 14 years), he said Mr. Lucky had 6 abscessed teeth and pulled them.

The eating didn't get much better, the vet said he probably had a sore mouth. On Oct 3rd (Saturday) at 5:30 am Mr. Lucky couldn't stand up. I took him to the emergency hospital. They said he (basically) was having a heart attack from the lack of eating. His potassium dropped way to low. They fixed him up, but said he needed to be monitored.

His eating was 'sometimes' at best, I gave him everything anybody could think of and he saw my vet 2 times that week. On Monday, Oct. 12th, he still was not eating. I was going crazy. I took him to the vet and said "is there anything else we can do?". The vet said "no" and he put Yogi the Bear to sleep. I held him in my arms and we were cheek to cheek when he died.

I have since changed vets for the 2 remaining dogs. I feel that I rushed into having Yogi put to sleep, because I wasn't thinking clearly, and the vet didn't seem to know what else to do. My new vet said some other things could probably have been done. So, I still don't know what was wrong with him.

The 2 remaining dogs, 1 is 14 years old and 1 is 9. I am 60. This is pretty rough on an old guy. Wife on April 12th, Yogi on Oct 12th, and a 14 year old dog in the house. Life is not any fun right now !!!

Thanks for listening. I just found this website today. Next Tuesday, Jan 12th will be 9 months for my wife and 3 months for Yogi

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May 13, 2014
My dog is dying too
by: Vivienne

I bought alfie,he was only 11 years to keep company for my 15 year old sharpei. Alfie died 5 weeks ago of a seizure? 100m from the vets .. I cam home to my old mate and she stopped eating, dying to of cancer, after pizza, poached chicken
you name it, I've tried, she wont take her heart tablets anymore, I took her to the vets and he gave her cortesone and said I was on borrowed time,
Took her back and found he hadn't even recorded it as he didn't expect her to live. Now I sit and watched her breath, she's like a skeleton and my hearts breaking ... but I wont put her down, she not in pain and I stroke her head. When she goes it will be on her terms, not mine..I know how you feel, every now and then she eats a bit of double smoked ham .. and my heart gladdens even for a few minutes .. we all live in hope but life goes on. Half of me wants her to die and end the suffering. Then the guilt comes and I want her to live forever ... Still glad I didn't go with the vets suggestion, seems to be a standard fix it

Jul 04, 2011
I understand
by: Joanne

Joe, I read your post and it is almost identical to my situation. With the passing of my significant other and now the loss of JJ, I am struggling at times to keep going.

JJ was a cocker spaniel, he too stopped eating after complications from routine surgery. How I wish I had gotten a second opinion. The original vet talked me out of it and said give it time. JJ would not eat no matter what I put in front of him. I even resorted to syringe feeding him per the Vets advice and he only threw up repeatedly. Yet the day I went for his final appt., he ate an entire dish of cat food as we went out the door. I am forever haunted by this, thinking he maybe would have gotten better....yet I know there is no guarantee. I, too, feel I put JJ down prematurely. He was sick and the Vet did not know what else to do but a feeding tube. I didn't want him to suffer and I also was not thinking clearly. I remember a voice telling me to grab my dog and get out of there...and I didn't listen. Maybe everyone has that last minute change of heart but I am now haunted that when my boy needed me most, I wasn't there for him. You are not alone...the pain is awful, I've never had this much guilt before. I miss JJ more than I can put in to words. Be strong. Life goes on.

Oct 14, 2010
My Boy
by: Joe

It's now been a year since Mr. Lucky's passing.
A very rough year, I might add. I miss him as much now as I did a year ago. I've made some ground without him, but not much. He was a good boy. He was pretty Yogi for a Bear.TRIVIA

Oct 05, 2010
Lucky was Lucky
by: Dalila

Hi Joe,

I feel your grief and pain, sometimes I wonder how the heart continues to beat with so much grief. Lucky was lucky that he had you and your wife in his life. Take a day at a time they just went home before us. Take care of yourself.

Mar 19, 2010
You are NEVER alone!
by: pearlpierre


Always remember that you are never alone. Your loved ones are with you, your internet companions are with you, and I believe God is always with you.

Life can be so hard...so go easy on yourself.

Mar 05, 2010
Thought are with you
by: Ric

Joe, I don't know the secrets to handling grief, I lost my little girl dog Nikki on 1-5-10 and still grieve daily.

Having such a tough year as you had, you have every right to feel the full range of emotions. The more you find sites like this, the more you release some of these emotions and maybe, just maybe, if we believe we will be reunited again, then some of the grief will leave us. God Bless...

Feb 14, 2010
Hoping Your Feeling Better
by: Nadine


Life keeps going and you keep losing, This last Wednesday I had to let go of my loving Cat of 18 yrs. My Son, Dog and Cat. I miss them all as if it was yesterday.

Hugs Nadine

Feb 14, 2010
what a handsome boy
by: JP from PL

what a handsome guy so sorry for your loss. Hope you find peace and healing.


Jan 15, 2010
Sweet Souls
by: Down Under

Joe, my condolences on the loss of such precious souls. I sit here reading your story and unable to stop the tears from falling. I can only imagine the heartache you are feeling, for I too lost my father in Aug 09 and our beloved dog of 14 yrs in Sept 08. The pain is unbearable at times, but I must say this site has helped me in understanding that I am not the only person out there who is going through such grief, and that it is normal to have mixed emotions, no matter how crazy them may seem at times. I hope that the happy memories and the love I feel through your words, Joe, will carry you through. xox

Jan 12, 2010
Nadine and An
by: Joe

Thank you for your kind words. As of today, it's now been 9 months for my wife and 3 months for Mr. Lucky. I guess because I've had an additional 6 months for my wife, that I grieve more for Mr. Lucky right now. He was MY BOY. I miss him so much. I know his every move. As I sit here typing this, he would be next to my right foot lying down. I know that some day, this will be just another chapter in my life. But, as of now, I still feel so terrible each and every day.
Again, Thank you for the kind words and thoughts.

Jan 12, 2010
by: Nadine

No one can help you get through this. Only you can walk through each day and every emotion. I can not say the way you feel, we each have our own feelings.

I lost a beautiful dog of 14yrs, I carried her to the yard to go potty for 2 of them, she got blind. My son died of Pancreatic cancer. He was 39 and I will never be a grandma.

Joe all I'm saying is I understand, contact me anytime-- Hugs to you. G-Bless You.

Jan 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

Please accept my sincere sympathy for your losses. Your wife left all her earthly pain behind and is at peace. Your pets became your all, your close friends and comforters. Then to lose one of them, I'm sure was unbearable.

But you did everything you thought was right and trusted your vet. Don't be so hard on yourself. Yogi knew you were helping him, and I'm sure he was also at peace. But you're not, my friend.

It's ok to grieve and be sad. You reached out to this site, and that's wonderful. Healing will come in time. May God bless and keep you.

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