hi i am michael i met kathryn no revar beach at a party she was thear with some one elase

by michael
(mass usa billerica)

me and Kathryn were together for all most 20 years I lost her in 2012 dec 17 245 the saddest day of my life all I could do was hold her hand and watch her die I know your life can change in a day I honestly never believe it i met Kathryn when I was 28 I am 49 I thank god for the time she was with me I went on my first date since 1993 a week ago I did love her more then I can put in to words how do I move on the girl I meet is nice its just I feel guilty I know I have to move on im coming up on the 3 date not sure what to do sadly that is my story mike

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Jul 24, 2014
Deepest sympathy
by: Lawrence

HI Michael,
We have both lost our precious wives near enough on the same horrible day, you on the 17th of December and me on the 25th 2012, and like you it was without doubt the saddest day of my life, the ache and pain is still there, although realization has finally dawned that she has gone forever.
I still expected her to come into the room for many months after she died and the walk up to an empty bedroom is still a nightmare, my eyes brim with tears as I see the cold empty uninviting bed.
Don’t feel guilty about anything at all, Michael, just let the world flow by and do what you feel is natural.
If you feel like dating, do so, I’m sure Kathryn would approve of anything you decide,
You are a comparative young man at 49 years old, much too young to spend the rest of your life alone.
Whereas I am an old man and at 85 have no desire to kiss anyone else.my lovely wife was the first girl I ever kissed and the last on her deathbed and after seventy years of bliss, I just thank God for sharing her with me. for all that time.
If the grief we are both sharing Is the price we pay well so be it.
Just one word of advice, get out of the house and do as much as possible, do anything, run, join a club, learn to play a musical instrument, Climb Mountains, anything but stay in that lonely house and mourn, believe me it will still be there when you return in the evening cold and empty.
Needless to say, everybody on this web site has been through the same agony as you, we have all lost someone so very precious. and we can feel your pain.
With my deepest Sympathy.

Jul 24, 2014
Hi I am Michael. I met Kathryn at a party she was there with some one else.
by: Doreen UK

Michael it is such a hard and difficult grief to bear losing a wife. Being together for so long will take some time to recover from.
You say you are dating again and not sure what to do. Guilt is making you feel agitated about going into another relationship and also you feel you have to move forward.
Perhaps you should see a counsellor to help you with a few sessions to grieve and move forward with some guidance so you get the timing right. There is nothing wrong with moving on after losing a spouse. You have needs and should not give yourself a life sentence of loneliness now. If you have not grieved the loss of your wife you may have problems in any furture relationship that could be prevented but helped by a counsellor picking up on any emotions that you could take into a new relationship. There is always a risk that one might expect too much of a relationship too soon. But you will know in your heart what is right.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer in 2012. 2 yrs. on and I still feel my grief at times. I am sorry for your loss of your wife, and hope that you will find someone to offer you companionship and happiness to continue your journey in life.

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