by Ben S

I lost my dog hiedi two months ago, it still hasn't got easier as everyone told me it would. She was the most amazing dog, we grew up together and she was a sister, a best friend and do much more to me. She was 16 years old her back legs wouldn't work anymore, during the last weeks of her life she couldn't walk, I was currently doing a 8 week course. I live 15 minutes out of town, during the course we would get 3 breaks in each of these I would race home walk her outside while supporting her back legs and take her to the toilet on the lawn, I would light the fire in the last break so she was not cold.

As she got older she became less of the families dog and more mine as I took over responsibility of her care and needs, I did not mind caring for her, in fact I enjoyed it but the worse thing was I became fully dedicated to her spending about 7 to 8 hours a day with her plus spending 7 hours a day at the course. So going from that to never seeing her again was and still is the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I made a recording of her sleeping and I still can not sleep without this playing or medication, I kiss her photo every day and have weekly break downs and look at pictures of her while crying at her grave wishing for one more momment with the most gental placid girl ever. I can not look at black labs without becoming sad.

I beleve she is the reason I am still alive today as I was extreamlly depressed while going through the early years of high school because of bulling that was consistant every day for two years, I wante to kill myself and she was the only one I could talk to and trust, and everytime I looked at her she made me feel like every think will be ok, anytime I had a bad day I knew she would be there to cheer me up.

So hiedi girl I would just like to say I miss you so much with all my heart! And I will love you forever and ever.

25-12-1996 to 19-6-2012 ❤

-Rest In Peace Hiedi-

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Sep 12, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

Ben I am sorry for your loss of your dog Heidi. I know how unbearable the pain is from losing a pet. You are with those pets feeding them and caring for them daily why wouldn't they hurt us when they pass away. Our pets are a special part of our lives. We bond with them. We feel the pain just as bad. We want them back to continue our life cycle with us. I had pet bird cockatiels. I eventually had to let them go to live in a big aviary for their wellbeing. I couldn't bear to keep them in a cage anymore. One night someone broke into our home and I do believe we were saved by the birds. They started flapping all around the cage and causing quite a stir which was unusual for them in the night. They were usually quiet throughout the night. I remember waking up and hearing the birds flapping and wondering what was happening and suddenly fell back asleep quickly. If I had come downstairs I may have been attacked. Going back to sleep saved me, and the burglars fled quickly and broke into other homes down the street. My husband lost his work bag and all his belongings, and his car keys and he had to pay a lot of money to have the locks changed on his BMW. Our lives were spared. My husband has now died 4 months ago. Just one of many ways our pets protect us and save us from the unknown. May all those who have lost pets be comforted and healed from their loss. May you go on to continue the cycle of giving love to another pet and so make our lives more fulfilled and kept safe.

Sep 11, 2012
My Prayers for Ben and Hiedi
by: Linn

Ben, I hope that today brought you closer to healing from your loss of Hiedi. Black Labs are such loyal dogs and it sounds like Hiedi was that and more to you. It is so sad when we lose our sweet dogs and cats as well as other types of loved pets.
I pray that you will heal in your own time and that the journey is not a long one for you. You were a good friend to Hiedi and you loved her until the end as she loved you. How blessed you are to have had each other. I know that you will keep Hiedi's memory in your heart forever, but some day when you are ready, I hope you chose to love again. May God bless and comfort you Ben.

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