Holiday From Hell

by unknown

Im now 18years old and was 16 when my Dad was cruelly taken from me! We were on holiday when he passed away.. the last holiday we were taking as a family. My dad had always been a brilliant swimmer and diver for that fact. He dived in the pool and for some reason his heart stopped at that split second when he entered the water. The paramedics tried to save him but it was too late. The worst thing was not being at home, being in a foreign country just me my mum and my sister was extremely scary. At first i was angry, kept asking myself how could he leave us!! He was everything you could ask for in a dad, and its only now hes gone I recognise this. When he died i coped really well, went back to sixth form and got through my a-levels. Its only now im at university i feel that ive started to grieve. Its also difficult seeing my mum without her soulmate. They were inseperable and their 25th wedding anniversary was due the year after he died. At first i had all the support in the world, but now it feels i dont have any real friends, none that text me ask me how im doing. Thankyou for listening, i miss you dad x

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Nov 11, 2012
Reply to Holiday from Hell
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. There is no way to describe it to anyone. My dad died when I was 26. I thought THAT age was too young. He also died of a heart attack jogging around the block. I rememer walking around the cemetary looking at gravestones, thinking it just isn't fair... most of these people had long lives. Most daughters get to have their fathers be their kid's grandpa... My son was 3 at the time. He was the only one who got to know my dad a little... all the grandchildren that came after got to meet him in heaven.
One day after months of mourning... my son asked me, "Mommy, when are you going to stop crying?" It was then, I realized I needed to snap out of it. Though, even today, I can pull out tears if I think about my Daddy from the rawest part of my heart. Those times, you will miss him... I remember the first holidays without him... and it reeally hurts. I know. My heart goes out to you. It's not fair. But life will continue and he would want it to. Just think of it this way, our Dads were doing things they wanted to do when they died. And I don't know about your dad, but mine couldn't have survived a long illness... that just wasn't him. I would have liked to have had one last conversation with him... and that is the only regret I have... people whose loved ones die due to illness have a chance to say what they want... but that is selfish to have wanted him to suffer just so I could have felt better about saying goodbye. I had a good father and daughter relationship and we said I love you often so I do feel that he already knew all the stuff I would have said because I said it already many times. It sounds like you had the same with your dad. Honey, it sucks to lose a parent "TOO" young. With all the advances in medicine and all... it just really doesn't seem fair. But your living your life will be you dad's greatest desire. I know. That is what I would want for my kids. And someday your dad will hand pick your babies and you will know that is what you would want for them and in living that life with those babies means you will have joy tomorrow. I promise.

Nov 09, 2012
Holiday from Hell
by: Doreen U.K.

Unknown I am sorry for your loss of your father. It is a very hard and difficult road to travel with the loss of a father to such a sudden death. How do we go on day after day with what seems like an eternity of grief?
You said that in the beginning you had all the support in the world and now you don't have anyone. This always seems to happen to most people after the funeral. Everyone gathers together and so supportive and after the funeral and they all go their own way relatives and friends don't keep in touch so much and this makes our loss even more lonlier. It seems to now becoming a well established pattern. You just may have to find new friends and built relationships that will be ongoing in which you will find comfort in your grief.

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