Hope this will help

by Febe
(Swakopmund, Namibia)

Its been 4 months and 6 days since my whole life collapsed, losing my love, soul mate and other half just three months before our wedding day. In this four months i have been visiting this site almost everyday. Its been very hard for me to comment as i am struggling to cope myself. Everyday is a struggle and I miss him more and more everyday.

The sadness is overwhelming and sometimes I feel like i cannot take it anymore, however one step one breath is what i tell myself, thanks to all of you.

In this past few weeks, I have realized why God send his son Jesus to die for us and defeat death, on this site one can see how devastating death can be and how it effects people. I think some of you agree with me that death is the worst thing that can happen, and the experience of loss due to death is something that one can never even wish on to their worst enemy.

Grieving changes ones life completely, with me suddenly life was meaningless, I still do not see purpose in anything, my life basically just became dull. Death needed to be defeated so that we can know and believe that our loved ones are not gone forever but that we shall meet them again for death is defeated.

It is not easy but we need to continue hoping and as I have seen in my own life, I did not really know what to hope for, for a long time until I realized that my hope should just be in Jesus, that one day he will come back and take us with him to the land of "milk and honey" where we will reunite with our loved ones forevermore.

Take it a day at a time and do not loose the faith, at times like this its all you can hold on too, no matter how difficult.

God loves you all, and I believe that he is in our midst, even though it does not always feel like it, he feels our pain and he understands. Lets continue trusting in him cos he is all we have.

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Dec 22, 2011
Loss of a loved one
by: Helen Marie Jones

I lost my mother on the 24th of January this year,so I truly do know what you mean when you say,it will get better after awhile. As I listened to some lyrics by Bobby Bland, saying ,
" you have to hurt before you heal", but as time passes, along with God's help you will begin to heal. My mother was very ill for a long time. She was on dialysis and suffering terribly, so I made myself realize that at least she was no longer suffering. That is how I was able to let her go. We had to take her off life support, because it was so unfair to her. The Drs. said even if she survived her quality of health would be so poor she would still be suffering. She was 91 years of age, so I was not ready to see her go, knowing I was really going to miss her,I had to let her go because I didn't want to see her suffering.

Dec 17, 2010
Husband died 3 months after wedding
by: Dianna Ross

This is my second husband to die in 7 years my husband my heart and soul mate died Dec. 7,2010 just 2 weeks ago from having the flu then went into a bacterial infection of the lungs then septic shock and I had to make the choice to take him off life support which was the hardest decision I had to make I know he is with Jesus and has no more pain but you are right it is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

I get through by praying constantly for God to give me strength and wisdom to know why but there is not always an answer. I will be praying for you everyday, to lose a loved one so soon before you can even start your life together is devastating but Jesus is carrying you right now just like the "FootPrints in The Sand" Love you in Christ: Dianna

Dec 07, 2010
by: Zoe

No matter where we are from this site brings us
I know the days you can't write you can only read where others are.
Then you reach out it is part of our adjustment
One breath one step one day at a time seems so simple but it is our lifeline.

Offering hope in your own pain shows what a bright light
You are in the universe

Keep writing
We are always here


Dec 07, 2010
For Febe
by: Mari

I am very sorry for the loss of your love. I know this is a very sad time for you. You are absolutely right when you say Jesus died for us. He paid the ultimate sacrifice. He has victory over death. And you will see your loved one again.

The grieving process must be gone through and it is different for everyone but you have the right idea choosing to serve the Lord. Four months is not very long and there will be grief to work through but not alone. There are many caring people on this board.

My husband passed away Nov 22 2009 and I sure miss him still but am doing better.
We had a one year memorial service and my pastor said the words that brought a feeling of healing to my being.

I am doing all the work here my husband did and I realize how much he did do on the complex. I painted curbs red this morning and had plumbing problems here in my unit something terrible. He had taken care of all those things. But God is with me and I am grateful for his love and provision.

I attend church 4 times a a week and get in on the Jericho walkathons and food giveaways and anything that serves God. I have joy in the midst of sorrow.

A new great granddaughter is enroute around Dec 26th and my husband will be celebrating up in heaven. How he adored those grandchildren.
So just remember we are here for you. You are loved and cared for. You just need time and Jesus will take care of you. Keep posting.

Dec 07, 2010
Hope this will help
by: Jules

What a beautiful person you must be - in the midst of your grief, you think of others who are suffering, and offer words of comfort.

This is what this site is all about - helping each other cope with our loss, and supporting each other with care. It is this that will get us all through, it will make us strong enough to carry on with life.

Keep writing, keep reading, take comfort from the other wonderful people on here, know that people care about you.

Take care

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