How can i go on without my lovely Sally?

by Tracy
(Manchester U.K)

My Beautiful ten year old dog "Sally" had to be unexpectedly put to sleep a few days ago during an operation for what we thought was a reoccurence of Bladder Stones. which she had had surgery for Five years ago succesfully. It turned out she had a large inoperable Bladder Tumor when they operated they telephoned my Husband to tell him that it would be kinder to put her to sleep then,rather than bring her round from Surgery. He came to my place of work to tell me she had gone and i fell apart.... i think what get's too me the most and what upsets me is that that she had been a fit and healthy dog apart from her Bladder Stone Surgery and i have lost pets before but consoled myself that they had been "Old" I have two other dogs who look like lost Souls as she went out to the Vet's and never came home. I feel frozen and cant even think straight as i have always been a big animal lover we have four Cat's also and love them all to bits. I keep re-running my last morning with her before my Husband took her for her Surgery. She was wagging her tail and giving me little side ways glances and pretending to grab at my nose. ( A lovely little game she always played from being a Puppy). I can't believe that's it i wont see her EVER again. and what makes it worse is you have to pretend your ok with people,as they dont get it with Pet loss. I still have my Lovely other two Dogs but it hurts me to see how they are without her as they had this lovely closeness and we took all of them everywhere with us... We even bought a mobile Caravan as i wont kennel my Dog's. Cant deal with how quickly it's all over. Miss you Forever my Beautiful little Girl xxx

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May 18, 2014
Doreen's Reply
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your kind words Doreen. It really is a comfort to find that there are people out there who love their Pet's as much as i do. And i can share my Grief with like minded people xx

May 18, 2014
How can I go on without my lovely Sally?
by: Doreen UK

Tracy I wept when I read your post of your loss of Sally. I felt your pain and loss of Sally. When I kept my Aviary of Birds they all had different personalities and it was such a beautiful experience to see how they all lived together and they had their emotional experiences also. BUT. They somehow knew when one bird was going to die. They would create such a commotion in the cage. When one bird flew out of the cage never to return my heart broke for never seeing them again and wondering if they were safe. The other birds felt lost and were quiet. Feeling and knowing their loss. Oh how beautiful nature is. The animal kingdom is a beautiful one. Oh how it hurts forever to lose a pet and I know how your other dogs and cats will feel. One of their family is missing and they grieve also. Our pets bring so much pleasure to our lives and it is a hurt and pain that we feel forever.
My cockatiels created a commotion one night and I thought this was unusual they don't do this in the middle of the night. They were scared of the burglars who broke into our home in the night. I woke up and fell asleep so fast. Had I come down I may have been attacked. Those darling birds saved our lives. The burglars moved on to another house in our street as told to us by the Police in the morning. Scared off by our birds, the burglars took little. There is nothing like the love of a pet. May God keep your others pets. dogs and cats safe and healthy and free from harm and danger and give you many more years of happiness together.

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