How could they treat her so badly ?

by Heartbroken daughter

I lost my best friend/advocate/protector recently MY MUM. What makes it even worse is she lost her home some years before her passing through a relatives gambling. Mum could not see this individual go under so helped thinking others would support her.

When mum got ill no one would help her. I was her full time carer but as I am disabled was unable to found a job substantial enough to support us both.

She died ashamed of where she lived. Maybe this was because her friends looked down on her, and those she helped in the past including my older brother she had financed through university did not visit.

I have such a sense of injustice that someone who had sacrificed so much could be treated so badly.

I never said goodbye to her as she had lung failure causing her to go in a coma. If only I could have conveyed how sorry I was for her struggles that ended in vain.

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Aug 10, 2013
Thank you
by: Rochelle

Dear Carolina, Thank you for your post.

We share the knowledge that our precious moms got a deal they certainly did not deserve. They worked hard, were excellent moms and yet our families treated them badly.

I try to comfort myself that my mum was sure of my loyalty and unconditional love. I am sure your mum valued you too.

Hoping they know how we loved, miss them and wish their earthly lives were easier for them.


Aug 09, 2013
Wrong decision!
by: Carolina

My mom too was treated wrongly by family. My dad died 30 years go and when he did, my sister stole my mom's jewelry and my brother made my mom sign our house in his name and then sold it and gave us nothing and I was only 8 years old when this happened. My mom had to struggle to take care of me and she did a great job. Now, my mom has passed away and my brother and sister came to her funeral to say goodbye after not visiting her for 2 years and they didn't help me pay for her funeral. I had to pay for everything! 15,000 dollars and when I asked them to help pay they said they were broke. They didn't even bring her flowers or a card nothing! So disrespectful! If it wasn't for me she would been thrown in potter's field with all the other unclaimed bodies! I no longer consider them my family and believe in Karma and they will get theirs in the end! People are heartless!

Aug 05, 2013
Thank you
by: Rochelle

Hello Doreen, Just to say thank you for your response.

Life is so difficult. Your understanding and kindness is so appreciated.

You are Blessed with such wisdom.

Yours. Rochelle

Aug 04, 2013
How could they treat her so badly?
by: Doreen U.K.

Dear Heartbroken daughter. I am sorry for your loss of your mum. Life is full of injustice and we could scream as loud as we want whilst going through it but it happens nevertheless in a fallen world.
Your mum would have just quite naturally supported your brother through university expecting nothing in return. But if a mum could just be honoured and respected this would mean more to her.
People forsook your mother in her great need except you. You cared for her like an angel. This would have meant so much to your mum and you wouldn't have to say a word. Your actions and your loyalty would say it all.
I have 3 Adult children and all different in their needs and support. But I demand nothing and expect nothing. If I am Honoured then I am thankful for this blessing.
There is a God in heaven who sees all the difficulties and hardships in our lives and He is with us through it all. He takes us through and he makes us stronger people from our trials in life. Your mother would have borne her sorrows and trials as a part of life.
Sadly she lost her home and her friends and family who forsook her in her need. But Jesus went through this also in his life on earth. Because your mother endured this she becomes one of God's angels for her endurance and overcoming adversity. She is at Peace now and you can rest in peace that she is safe and can't be hurt anymore by life. The Bible calls this a BLESSING. For when we die we have no more sorrow and pain. All those who forsook your mother will be left with the feelings of guilt and the reality of not being available for whatever reason. We live in an imperfect world and will have to endure many injustices. But one day God is going to address this INJUSTICE, and reward those like yourself for your Care, kindness, Love, and Honour of your mother.

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