How do I go on

by Debbie

July 4, 2009 I lost my son at the young age of 24. It was the most difficult thing I have ever gone through. My husband and I had each other to lean on. When I thought life couldnt get any worse, less than a year since my husband passed. I am so alone and lonely. I dont know how to go on. When im out i try not to let anyone know but when i go home o sink into depression. Everyone says it will get easier but it just seems to get worse. I want back the love and the closeness we had. I feel like im living a slow death. How do I live again???

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May 24, 2012
IMy Dimitri is gone..
by: Evelyn

Reading your touching stories has made me feel like I am not alone in this sad journey...
I am so sorry for all your losses...
I lost my husband after 12 years and two young children, from a heart attack in front of us at the age of 35...We didn't have a perfect marriage but I loved him...I am still so sad at times...
I act happy, and inside i AM SO SAD AND LONELY..
i MISS HIM...He promised we would grow old together and now he isn't here...have to face so many challenges and decisions on my own...
i have very little support because people think i should get over it...only my children understand and his mother...

May 03, 2012
I am so Sorry
by: carol,seans mom

Debbie, I am so sorry. On November 15,2011 I lost my 24 year old son. It has been a nightmare. Life seems like a place I don't recognize anymore. He was the oldest of three and my only son. I have to hang in there for his sisters. Thank God for them. I am still in shock. I have anxiety,panic and depression. It is like something out of a horror film. He died in his sleep unexpectedly and it is truly unbelievable. I feel your pain for your son. I am not with Seans dad anymore,but the relationship I am in is strong. I am lucky for that. Rich has stood by me threw everything. Losing a child is unimaginable and no one should ever have to feel this pain.I am sorry for everything you go threw. I hope you can find some peace. Thats all we can hope for at this point.

May 03, 2012
Most of Us
by: geoffrey campbell

To lose a child is the most devastating crisis we shall ever suffer, yet there is a balm for us, we can find solace in the One who like us, knows what it is like when His Son died, for if we are faithful, we will one day be reunited, but till that day, let us trust that the One who loves your Son most, will be ever at our side. I know this, though the grief is ever there, I find comfort in prayer, in reading His word, and helping others who also are in grief. We are praying for you, you are loved.

May 02, 2012
Grieve until no more
by: Anonymous

Debbie, sad for have to grieve everyday...for the next few years!!! not hold back anything...sleep and rest each day...cry more and more...then one day you will be will want to meet someone else...but until then...just cry until it cannot flow God Good?...well if we go to Heaven then yes!!!...the universe is a sad place for us humans...but eternity is what gives me more seem so sweet!!!...please hang in there...write back if you desire...Ken

May 02, 2012
Reach out
by: Helen

Debbie, my heart goes out to you, I can feel some of your pain however to loss two loved ones within a year must be overwhelming for you
Take each day as it comes and allow yourself time each day to feel your loss, write about it and/or try and find someone to talk about your feelings, are there any grief groups in your town?
I lost my father and my 2 best friends lost their husbands and they tell me it's so hard to move forward without them.
One of them was so depressed she had to see her doctor, as she was not sleeping - 2 yrs since he'd gone. it took her 2 yrs to ask for help, and now she is beginning to see some light in her life, she also does charity work on a weekly bases.
Everyone says it will take time to heal, I ask myself heal what, I want to Remember my loved one, however I'm made aware daily, that unless we find people who can empathize with us,our lives can be a long and lonely road, made easier with loving, kind and caring kindred spirits.
My wish for you is to find these people and travel the roller coaster ride of grief with them.
Our loved ones will always be in our hearts, and I'm sure they would want us to find some happiness in this life.

May 02, 2012
How do I go on
by: Pat J.

Dear Debbie,
How do I go on? That is a question we all ask ourselves. Losing my husband of 46 years, is the greatest grief I have. I feel like everyone, a part of me died with him.
It is 10 months since Red died. I look back and cannot believe it is that long; yet at times it seems so much longer and then again it feels like yesterday. I have this ache in my heart for him everyday. I still shed tears; still have occasional crying times. I have come to realize they are my tears and I own them and I don't apologize for my tears. I loved my husband dearly and I still do. From day one, I told him I was never going to say goodbye. I talk to him everyday; the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night and throughout the day I am always talking to him.
I am living this new life one day at a time. I miss everything about Red. Having him back again, that's all I want, but realize that's never going to happen in this life. My faith tells me we will be together again one day. I look forward to thst day. He appeared to me in a dream; told me he loved me, but that we have to be apart for awhile and won't be seeing each other, but that he still loves me. Sounds crazy, but crazier things have happened since he died .
You will make it through your grief; but there isn't any time limit on your grief. this GRIEF is ours to OWN and it will be with us always; we loved and we lost our love; but we can all be grateful for the years we had with our love; that can never be taken away from us. I am just thankful I had him for 46 years, rather than not at all.
Cherish your memories!

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