I 22 years old and i lost my mother

by Kellz
(New York)

Back in 2009, i moved away to another state to go to school. I would come back home to visit my mother during school breaks. Since then i never went back because i was financially not stable. My mother had a boyfriend and his daughter stayed in my old room so i couldn't move back if i wanted. My brother called me one time to tell me my mother was in the hospital and that she had pneumonia. She lost so much weight. I was shocked but they told me she was doing better so i didn't bother to go see her. I spoke with my mother, she always said she was okay even though she wasn't. so a year passed by and she got sick again with pneumonia. i remember asking my mother why she kept getting ongoing pneumonia and she never told me the reason why. I knew there was something suspicious about my mothers boyfriend but i tried not to get in her business regarding him. On the day she died, i spoke with her and i knew she was getting worse. I haven't seen my mother in so long and i was afraid to get the call that she was dead. I called her one last time, she picked up and said she was waiting for my brother to come home. She sound very weak but she always sound like that so i didn't think nothing of it. Then i go a text message like a hour later that my mother died. I miss my mom so much and i feel guilty for not seeing her. She didn't want me to come back home until i graduated college. I went to the funeral and just looking at my mother in that casket and then see her going down in the ground teared me apart. Four months later i am still coping with it. She died February 23, 2012. I miss her and i wish i was there. I ended up finding out what was causing her to get sick and i already knew her boyfriend had something to do with it. I wish i can see my mtoher again. Every night i cry, i think about her. It hurts when you start to think very deep and realize you won't EVER see this person EVER again. Please pray for me. I will never get over the pain. Im trying to accept and cope. I have no parents at all now. 22 and no parents and no support but only from God. This is the hardest thing i could ever deal with

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Jul 12, 2012
by: Ivy

I was surprised to read your story, im in a similar situation.. im 23 years old, my mom died december 2011 and i lived a couple of hours away from her bec of schoo... i feel like a huge part of me died with her. i am not the same even though i am trying... i have no other family except my relatives moms side but im not that close to them and my brother and sister who are both in different countries and have families now...i would also like to talk to someone with who's going thru the same thing.... my email is luckyivy_021@yahoo.com.au

Jul 07, 2012
my mother also died this year and im 26
by: nicole

hello there, my name is nicole im 26 from milford pa and may 10th 2012 my mother passed away very unexspected, this is a pain that i can and most likely will never over come (or at least this is how i feel right now) , my best friend , my everything is gone now, i have no mom no dadthe only people left are me and my twin sister and grandparents my moms side. i feel like im the only person in the world going through this and would love to connect with others who have exsperience what ive exsperienced, if possiable please email me at nicoleduman26@gmail.com ..hope to hear from u soon

Jul 01, 2012
22yrs. old and I lost my mother
by: Doreen U.K.

Dear Kellz
I am sorry for the loss of your mother. I know it is hard having to attend your mother's funeral and see her go in the ground. To know she is not coming back. This is the hardest heartache we all have to face in grief. The utter lonliness, emptiness, and pain of this loss is unbearable. Stick with your brother and grieve together. Don't do this alone. You need each other to lean on and support one another. Your mother was very ill and too weak to fight back at an illness that was claiming her life. Be brave. If your mother's boyfriend was responsible for your mother's illness you need to do somthing about this, but don't do it alone. You need to focus on how best to look after yourself now and make plans for your graduation. Live your life well and don't look back with regrets as we all have some.

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