I am Loss without my Best Friend..

by Cindy

Her name was Misty she would have turned 6 yrs Aug/1...Misty went into the ''VETS'' on the 6th of June to get her heart-worm test done and to get her rabies shot she also had a bath and haircut...She came home on Thursday and took sick after all these things being done to her....We thought that she was just mad with us for getting a bath & haircut but when she starting throwing up and not eating and getting sluggish and not wanting to do anything we called the ''vets'' back on Friday he said give her the day it usually takes 48 hrs to work through the system so us not being a ''PROFESSIONAL'' figured he knew what he was talking about (YA RIGHT)us being her parents knew something was wrong so we took right in Saturday morning right when they opened the vets gave her a cortisone shot and she she should be ok by thy end of the day.Sunday came and went still no improvement but had gotten worse so off again Monday morning to the vets right when they opened they finally started doing something by taking blood from her that's when he informed us that she ''acute liver failure'' so he FINALLY started her on antibiotic's and oxygen..he informed us that her heart rate should have been at 110 and it was running at 350 her liver count should have been around 210 and the were running over 2000 which indicated liver failure.So we left our baby there for the day at 4:30pm we picked her up and headed to the U.S.A for a specialist to look at her there they gave her another shot and we were going to bring her back to her vet in the morning around 11:30pm that night she took a turn for the worse so we had no choice to take her in and put her to sleep as she was suffering.Life will never be the same without her my husband and I are totally loss without her we done almost everything together,I just CAN'T believe she is gone we are totally devastated.''RIP'' my precious ANGEL you will always be missed and loved till we meet again..Love Mom N Dad N Miles N Brandy N Joslyn xoxo.

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Jun 21, 2013
My condolences on the loss of your husband.
by: Cindy

Hey Doreen U.K.

Thanks for the kind words Misty was a great dog she was my best-friend ,I truly miss her with all my heart N soul everyday is not the same without her and sometimes I wonder how I am going to carry on..My husband and I went out and got another Shih Tzu pup on the 16th we named him Tobi he was 8 weeks Wednesday he is beautiful and a handful he does take a lot of my time but my mind is always on Misty and how unfair everything went for her she was not even 6 yrs old yet it just so hard she was just my EVERYTHING.

My condolences on the loss of your husband life can be so unfair at times I hope everything is going good for you and your daughter if you ever need an ear I'll be happy to listen anyways thanks for getting back to my ad.take care bye for now..

Jun 15, 2013
I am Loss without my Best Friend......
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your beloved Cindy Pooch. She is adorable. This is a loss as painful as ever and will take a long time to heal from. I have loved and lost pets and I know how the pain feels.
Since I lost my husband 13 months ago My daughter wants a dog. She is drooling over this. She is on the internet and looks at all those little darlings. But I can't commit to this right now. My grief is wearing my body down. I can just about cope with looking after my daughter and myself so having a dog will have to wait.
Friends of our lost their pet rabbit and were depressed for days. They went long distance and got another 2 rabbits and they are happy again. Of course this is never a replacement. But good to continue the cycle of giving and receiving love from our pets.
I hope that you will recover from your loss and heal sufficiently to have another dog to enhance the relationship from owning Cindy.

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