I Am With You Always

by Sonia S. Sicat

Jack & Me

Jack & Me

(My Husband's Response to the Four Poems I have
dedicated to Him)

I watch the tears streaming down your face
As you struggle hard to write words..
Into a beautiful verse
I read each word that echoes with pain
Etched upon the page by my beloved's hand.

As you write those lines for me in a poem
Know that I am always by your side
I am right behind you, my lips almost
Brushing your face.. As over your shoulder
I look down upon the page
Can you feel me, my love? I'm just a breath away.

You say you love me and miss me so much
I kiss those tears upon my hands
My soul tearing me apart,
Know that this is not even half as much..
As I miss you, my love
I too, am left with a broken heart.

How i wish I could freeze..
The sorrow and the pain
Your moments, hours, nights and days,
Spent in longing, searching, reaching
For me in vain
Oh God! What I would give.
To be with you today..

To put my arms around you
And wipe your tears away,
To whisper, "there, there, my sweet,
Hush now, I'm here"
And forever with you to stay..
(my love, my heart is aching, pray)

It's hard to make you believe..
But there is really no distance between us
The heavens and the earth are all God's domain,
He created souls to find each other
Defying time and space,
Bound by an undying love for each other..
That the two of us share
By God's infinite mercy and grace.

And I am with you always, my love
Feel me, embrace me, sense me
The way you used to when I was alive,
I am in the morning sunbeam
That touches your face
I am in the gentle breeze
That ruffles your hair
I am in the sweet lyrics of..
Our love songs you sing
I am in the lines of this poem..
That to you, I bring.

For my dear wife Sonia,
From your beloved husband..Jack

Comments for I Am With You Always

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May 17, 2016
I Am With You Always
by: Sonia S.Sicat

Hi, this is one of my best-loved poems that I have written for my husband. I was in deep grief when I wrote this; thought I'd never finished it because the tears would blurred my vision. Somehow, I felt embraced by him as he spoke these words to me.
Thank you for your so comforting comments. I hope the pain is assuaged a bit for reading this piece
Blessings and love.

Sep 09, 2011
thank you
by: Anonymous

how spectacular! i am so tired of skeptics who think i am crazy for acknowledging the presence of one who has passed. Our loved ones are around us indeed. There is no doubt about it! I'm glad that you've embraced his presence. AMEN!

May 19, 2010
by: feli

Hi Sonie! wow ... beautiful. Ninong jack wherever you are, tony and I love you very much. We are always here for Ninang Sonie and the boys. Life is extra beautiful meeting and knowing the two of you. May God bless us always. Love you Sonie

May 16, 2010
Thank You...
by: Anonymous

Thank You for this poem. It is beautiful and expresses what I hope is True Love. That somehow Paul is watching over me as a gardian angel. Just the other night as I sat watching a thunder storm as we had many a night, I could swear he sat behind me as I sat sobbing, recalling all the wonderful times that we had. As if he were comforting me saying there there, it's o.k. I haven't the magic of your written word but Thank You for it.HH

May 16, 2010
So beautiful that I cried
by: Nonette

Hi Tita Sonie,

This poem is so beautiful that i cried and cried upon reading it ... I could feel the love, longing and protectiveness ... you and tito jack are so blessed to have this love which is beyond life itself ... although i have not experienced such love, i appreciate it and i'm happy for those who are blessed with such ...

Yes, tito jack is now your guardian angel, he is always looking out for you, protecting you and loving you ...

Much love and prayers ... nonette

May 15, 2010
You made me cry
by: Rose

Having lost my husband, Anthony nearly seven months ago this week, this poem made me cry. He died at the age of 63, too suddenly, literally at my feet in the house. We did everything together, and what I would give to feel his caress and his lips once more.

It hasn't gotten any easier. This poem captures my thoughts perfectly, intimately. I look for signs every day that he is around me, helping me get through the lonely nights.

Thank you for sharing this with those of us who miss our loved ones.

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