I cannot believe my best friend is gone!

by Anita

I'm 15 and I lost my Mom nearly three months ago. Whenever people asked me who my best friend was, I tell them my Mother and they are usually surprised. This is the period when I need her most as I'm going through life's challenges. But she just left me and my three siblings and Dad at this crucial stage. Well, I know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel so whatever difficulties we may be going through now, God has something extremely big planned for us. This goes to everyone else facing a similar situation as this. The LORD is our strength. Amen.
I just wished she had stayed longer!!

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Aug 20, 2012
I too can not believe My best friend is gone too.
by: Moonlight Skywriter

My closest friend Jillian, we called her Silly Jilly, took her life on Feb 4th, 2012. She was 42 yrs old from stage 4 breast cancer. Although she lost her hair and looked like mr. clean, she used to say I did not look so hot in a mop of hair you had to wash it daily... we painted her head like the world one day and put in where africa was cause her ancestry was from there. She was an american born child of strict parents who felt that she was not allowed to be gay.. Fooey I said I will straighten out her parents. Jilly always felt that I was there to protect her. When she got the chemo I would make silly jokes to make her laugh instead of thinkign of all the pain and all the naseua from it. we ate lolly pops and fruit juice ice pops... at her memorial service, I heard that they had ice pops. But I could not attend it was too much for me to go, I wanted to remember her the way she was... she was my life friends for over 50 yrs.. yes 50 years.... thats more than a friend. even though she was not related to me we were very very close. i will miss her...i am having a hard time with her loss as well as the 18 other losses in my family over this past almost 2 yrs. but I have learnted to cope with loss and healing with rich friends on this website has helpped me go on... i am blest and I am thankful for all of you, without you, life would still be dull as ever. thanks for sharing and allowing us to talk, cause talk is what is and has healed me, to know that I AM NOT ALONE in this and that I DO HAVE Friends out there to discuss my problems. thank you for being a part of my life, love to all Moonlight

Aug 17, 2012
I cannot believe my best friend (MUM) is gone!
by: Doreen U.K.

Anita I am sorry for your loss of your best friend your MUM. You have a wise head on young shoulders and a very mature attitude and outlook on life which BLESSED ME. You are so young. don't try to become a caretaker of all your siblings. You all need to continue to grow at your own stages. When you are able you will pitch in I'M sure as you seem to have strong core values. But parenting needs to be done by the adults. I did this at too young an age and allowed my daughter do to the same thinking this was a good training. But it does carry some emotional damage. See that your Dad is supported well in his grief and also all you children. If you have aunts, grandmother, or older women around in the family. seek support from them as you all grow up so that you maintain your culture identity, and Faith. You all look like a beautiful HAPPY FAMILY!! Anita may you go on in life to Enjoy and cope with the many challenges you will face and that you maintain your spiritual values and good spirit. Keep your Faith this is what has helped you now and will continue to do so in the future. You will see your mother again when Jesus comes back to earth for us to live in Heaven. Hold onto this thought and comfort your family and others with this promise. Death is not the end. We are just passing through this life. Our Life is to come ETERNAL LIFE.

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