I can't cope with the loss of my grandad

by Jade

I lost my grandad on 24th October. He had been suffering from lung cancer but at the time he was really well, he was responding well to treatment so this was the last thing I expected. I'm part of a really close family and I used to do everything with my nan and grandad! I just can't cope or understand the fact that i'm never going to hear his voice or see his face again. People keep telling me it'll get easier with time but it's been just over 3 weeks now and I can tell you it is no easier. I just don't know where to turn. I know everyone looses someone at some point in their life but I never have, maybe this is the problem. My grandad is the only person I have lost and my life without him in it seems unbearable...I just wish I could see him again.

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Nov 04, 2014
Its hard...
by: Anonymous heartbroken

Im 14, i lost my grandad on boxing day. The reason, i cant say. But my grandad was one special man to me, I loved him with my body,heart and soul. He was just like another dad to me. Losing him has torn me apart. 14 years old,and loosing has resulted in me drinking alcohol on a regular day to day basis, self harming an suicidal thoughts. Without me sounding bad, people may say 'day by day things get better'. IT DOESNT. Grieving can last months, years. It is your decision when you chose to let go. Im sure your grandad loved you, just like you loved him. Chin up and keep strong beautiful X

Dec 01, 2012
by: Jade (UK)

Thanks so much for your comments, I'm so sorry for all of your loss's. Just to update it's still no easier today being 1st december has been especially hard just brings back the thought of how he isn't going to be here. Anonymous if you'd like to talk, feel free, let me know we might be able to help each other somehow. Thank you.

Nov 19, 2012
Heart broken
by: Anonymous

I lost my grandad 11th feb 2012 to cancer, i cant get over it now :( i get so upset, i was there every day with him till the end and i know i shouldnt feel guilty but i wish i could of done more! He was a massive part of my life. He rared me up from a baby and im just heart broken. Every day i miss him talk about him or think of him. Its so hard :,( dont know what to do and or if this is normal x

Nov 18, 2012
I can't cope with the loss of my grandad
by: Doreen U.K,

Jade I am sorry for your loss of your grandad. It is very hard when you lose someone in death and as this is your first loss you will be wondering why it hurts so much. We all feel the same way when we lose someone for the first time, but then it carries on that some lose multiple family members and friends and life is never the same. The grief is like nothing I have ever felt before. You are Grieveing and you will in time be able to move on in life but for now you need to feel the sorrow so that you can heal from this pain. Death will come to us all, and we are never prepared for this. I am unhappy also losing my husband to lung cancer 6 months ago. Life is so lonely now without him. You will be feeling the same way and be wondering when it will get better. It is different for everyone.
Each new day is a day closer to feeling better.

Nov 17, 2012
I'm going through the same thing.
by: Anonymous

I lost my grandma on September 23 and I still can't cope with it. She was also diagnosed with lung cancer about a year ago. We all thought that she was doing fine and then she gathered the family an told us that it had spreaded to her tongue, throat and leg. After that everything went down hill and in her final week she forgot who I even was. I know the pain that you are feeling. I don't know how old you are but I am 17. It's goin to be a tough road ahead of you. My mom told me that it could take years for me to fully grasp that she is gone. Only thing I can say is take it day by day. She try to live up to his expectations because he's watching your every moves and over you.

Hope this brings you much happiness,


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