I didn't get to say goodbye

by Troy
(Massachusetts )

my nana loved to go down to cape cod on the weekends. my family lives in Massachusetts so were not that far. she has type 2 diabetes and can't walk without a walker because of her weight. she loved to camp all her life, especially with my mom and her siblings as kids. on March 9 she went to the cape with my uncle and my grandfather. they parked by the canal and had lunch. they came home and my grandpa usually helps her up the stairs, but she got up all by herself. so they all went inside and my nana went to the couch to sit. she then asked my uncle for the blood sugar meter. and thats when my aunt noticed her heart literally pound out of her chest. my uncle kept saying "mom! mom!" but she was in a coma. she was rushed to the hospital and my mom left me saying "nana was rushed to the hospital" i wasn't there the time this all happened. so i stay at a friends house because my mom stays overnight. and the next day my mom calls me and says she has minimal brain activity and is still in a coma. i don't know what to say. later that day she picks me up unexpectedly and tells me she passed away. i had no emotion and didn't do or say anything mainly because i couldn't tell myself that she was really gone. We went over for dinner every monday night since i was born. i saw her every week. her smile, her laugh, now i would never see it again. she couldn't even hear my mom say that her only grandchild loves her because she was in a coma. and i didn't get to say goodbye.

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Mar 12, 2014
your nana
by: chickadee

Your nana knows how much you love her,all of the memories you have of her she knows.
I am a nana myself of four grandchildren ages 20,19,7 and 1.
They know how close we are since birth,even now
seeing them on a regular basis.
Please don't be so hard on yourself, we just never know whats around the corner.
Treasure the times that were when she was there with you.
We cant always be where we need to be and sometimes I think,well hey,maybe its for a reason.
I have lost my father and he was my world,him and me,and I miss him so much,its crippling everything I do.
Feelings come and go,that deep empty wanting craving not sure how to describe it.
It seems to be how a lot of people feel.
Try to take each day but don't be angry or hard on yourself.
Be sure she knows you love her.

Mar 12, 2014
even comotose they hear you
by: the last musketeer

i am so sorry for your loss.

i know the pain of losing all my immediate family oh i certainly can sympathize.

please know i was told by a hospice director that all patients even if in a coma can hear everything said to them, as the hearing is the last to shut down before the heart stops.

In view of this information please know she did hear every word everyone said, and that in itself is indeed a wonderful comforting blessing.

God Bless you, especially during this time of grief, and take good care.

Mar 12, 2014
She hears
by: Dave

Hi Troy,
I'm very sorry for your loss. I loss my wife, Dolores, to cancer last year on Mothers Day. Please Believe me when i say, if you speak to your Grandmother now, she Will hear you. Dolores was my entire world, and i still speak to her daily. I have had many strange things happen to me since Dolores' passing that only me and her would have done, and it wasn't me doing the things, so that only leaves her? I hope you could just go into a room, alone, and tell your Grandmother your feelings, just speak to her, you will be Very Surprised by the feelings you will experience. Life is Not Over when we leave this place, (she already knows how you are feeling)
Good Luck Troy

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