I feel empty

by Jessica

January 10, 2013 I got call that both my nephews where killed in accident ages 19 and 21 I went in complete shock (still) I remember hearing screaming coming from me, my whole world came crashing in on me. I didn't sleep for days and when they buried them side by side we just stood there and watch the dirt cover them like a blanket. September 20,2013 my niece died we don't know how yet she was 21 I feel empty and alone, I don't know how to do this.

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Sep 26, 2013
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for y'all prayers and thoughts I Am very numb right now with disbelief I feel like I'm on auto pilot no tears, no emotion feeling is empty and lost.

Sep 25, 2013
I feel empty
by: Fabio

On june the 5 th i lost my only son , so i do feel your pain but 4 time isn t fair i can only send you love and peace xxx

Sep 25, 2013
My heart goes out to you
by: Deb

I am so sorry for you multiple losses. So hard for you and your family.

Without Jesus in my life, I wouldnt know how these days since I recently lost my brother to suicide I would get through each day. It is the most painful loss I have ever experienced and each day is so painful, but I pray for strength to get through the day.

Prayers to you

Sep 25, 2013
I feel empty
by: Doreen UK

Jessica I am sorry for your loss of your two nephews and now your niece. All young people with their whole life ahead of them. All lost now. The emptiness one feels after losing loved one's is so crushing it makes us feel as if something inside of us has died and hard to process. Just like you I felt I CAN'T DO THIS!. We don't know how to go on in life. It also makes us become vulnerable to death and dying and wonder who will be taken away from us next. But this is just the beginning stages of loss and they don't last. They do pass in time. The secret to coping is by not looking too far ahead and TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME. Only FOCUS on that day and try your best to get through it. Don't look at all the tomorrows. They are not ours yet. This is how I got through my loss of my husband 16 months ago. Every day of grief is different. Good days and bad days. But they soon pass. Try and get family support and from friends to help you get through your grief journey. You may also lose your motivation to do anything or engage in life for a long time. Give yourself the time, space, and permission to do what you have to do. And if this is nothing then take yourself off to the couch and nurture yourself through your grief by doing at least one good thing for yourself each day and build on this. You will be helping yourself heal each day from your sorrow and grief. If you believe in God then Reach out to him to carry you through these initial days of sorrow and to comfort you. Pray for strength each day. Above all don't lose HOPE. A belief in God and the Hope of eternal life will help you realise what our destination is. It is not to lie in a grave forever. It is the body that dies but not the Spirit. This goes back to God who gave it and kept for eternity till Jesus comes back and resurrects that body that died and puts that life he kept back into a new body. This is future. to come. This is our Blessed Hope.

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