I feel like i have lost my big brother

by kayla
(dorset england )

well im 12 years old and my big brother is 22 years old when i was 10 my brother went to prison that was like the hardest day of my life he was inside for 6 months and it seemed like years. I have never met my real dad and so my brother was like a dad to me when he came out we gotten close again until recently he broke up with his girlfriend and started drugs and stuff again i cry everynight not knowing if im going to get a phone call from him he is one of the most important people to me and im scared i dont know what to do i miss him and im scared if he goes back inside for longer i have already lost my little brother i dont need to lose another one i love u trev xxx ur sis kayla

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Feb 24, 2013
I'm sorry to hear
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm only 17, 12 months ago I lost my big brother to accidentally overdose, I though he was getting better but before I knew it I got the phone call to hear that he had gone. Please try contact him, being addicted to drugs isn't their fault, it's an illness and an addiction that they can't stop, Im not trying to scare you but if you can contact him, please try and talk to him. I wish I could have done more to help my brother,

Nov 22, 2012
I feel like I have lost my big brother
by: Doreen U.K.

Kayla you are in such a traumatic situation and I can feel your pain through how you relate your story. You don't say whether you have a mother or father in your life? Who is caring for you daily? You need to be nurtured and it sounds as if your older brother was your caretaker and you feel desperate and very frightened. You are quite naturally wondering who is going to take care of your needs. You need to let someone know how desperate you feel and how you need to be cared for.
Drugs is altering your brothers perception and until he forsakes drugs there may be difficulty in getting through to him. He will not be the same person every day. His personality will also change. You have technically lost your big brother. Until he comes off drugs you won't get him back the way you want or need him. He has to make that decision. You or someone may be able to get through to him and persuade him to give up the drugs that is destroying his life and yours and the whole family.
You can pray to God to intervene and help you and your big brother through this drug problem and help restore your family to better living and health. I did this all my life. If I didn't have God in my life I may have died. God has seen me through my life of tragedy and brokeness. Reach out to God, but also reach out to those Adult people and organisations that can help you deal with your sadness and grief now. God knows we have to dwell on the earth and He can put the right people in your path that you need now.

Nov 21, 2012
So sorry
by: Anonymous

Your brother is not in his right mind, he loves you very much, but the drugs is the big problem, he really needs help, he don't mean to hurt you, the drugs is powerful they take control of your life. Addiction needs to stop, and he needs to choose if he wants help. I'm so sorry, I will pray for you and your brother, God is more powerful then the drugs, you pray and ask God to help your brother to see the light,and get him away from the darkness. You take care and let God take over, he will listen to your prayers, he will not forsake you..he loves you..

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