I guess I will survive somehow..

by Krissy

It's days like this, when things are good, that I realize I can make it. I don't know how long this will last. They hardly last long. Then it hits me again and knocks me off of my feet into an uncontrollable world of pain and continuous crying. We've all been there, and we continue to land there when it does hit us.

This is one of the first entries I wrote where I wasn't in such a bad place or crying on my keyboard. When you do have good things, milk it for all it's worth and remember that you do have things to live for. It's most definitely easier said than done, and I know it is. But this entry is a reminder, maybe to help when I'm crying and feeling so lost, and hopefully to come as a help to someone else.

I lost my dad 10 months ago. It feels like forever, and I have to constantly remind myself that he's not here, and tell myself no matter how much I wish it to not be true, it is. I gotta live and remind myself that he didn't leave us and will always love us as he did on Earth.

I love and miss you soooo terribly much daddy. You are everything to me and mom and boo, and to my brothers and everyone else. You've touched so many lives in a positive way. And I've NEVER met anyone who had anything bad to say about you. I hope to be like you in that way and every way. You're an inspiration.

It's almost Halloween, your favorite (and our family's favorite) holiday. It's going to be so hard... You would love the costume that me and my boyfriend are making! We're going as Pyramid Head and the Nurse off of Silent Hill. I know you love that game/movie. You'd be so proud of me :) But you're not here to see it, and I really wish you were... I miss you and will always miss you.
I love you forever, I like you for always. As long as I'm living, my daddy you'll be <3

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Oct 27, 2011
The 2nd Halloween without you
by: HH

It's almost Halloween. We would have a Halloween Party this Saturday if you were here. But since you died that died too. The Thrill of Halloween is slowly beginning to grow again. But is it bittersweet memories that invade this much sought after joy. The 2nd Halloween. The 2nd Thanksgiving and the 3rd Christmas without you. I am much stronger but Love and Miss you Still, Probably always will.
Your wife always...

Apr 20, 2011
You are him.
by: Anonymous

Plus remember he lives in you; at least 50 per cent. You've got his genes and you must be proud of it. I feel as if I was my papa when I think like this.

Oct 14, 2010
Lost Dad
by: Elise

Such beautiful words. Thank you.

I lost my Dad, just over 6 months ago, so very suddenly.. and like you, I have to keep telling myself it is real. I still expect him to walk in through the door or ring me with his latest story.

I have young children, so most of the time I'm busy, but when I'm not, and the realisation hits, it hurts so much.

Like you though, I am just riding the good days to help with the bad days.

Bless you, and thank you for your story. Really meant a lot!


Oct 11, 2010
You Will
by: HH

You Will Survive and be much stronger because of it.
I know you don't want to. I know you want your old Life. I do too. But Your dad is part of you, he lives on in you and is looking down this very minute so proud of you, As I am. Please call on the good days the blue days any day. I Love you and will always be there for you.


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