I Had a Dream

by Judith in California

My Love

My Love

Chuck, Last night I had a dream about us and in that dream I cupped your face in my hands and said "this is the way it was meant to be , you and me, til death us do part". And then I woke up and began to sob as I am now knowing you did die but I didn't die with you as I had hoped we would . This life is hard without you. I try so hard to do each day but it's so lonely . I had to lay Marley , our outside kitty, down on Monday and that hit me hard too because were it not for you I would have never befriended him and taken him in. You felt sorry for him and wanted me to feed him so you are connected to him and everything I do, everywhere I go. I miss you terribly. It's been a year and 3 months without you. My heart still aches so bad.
I always think of this song a I say Oh, my Love so often.

Oh, my love my darling
I've hungered for your touch
a long lonely time
and time goes by so slowly
and time can do so much
are you still mine?
I need your love, I need your love
Godspeed your love to me

Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea
to the open arms of the sea
lonely rivers sigh 'wait for me, wait for me'
I'll be coming home wait for me

Oh, my love,my darling
I've hungered for your touch

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Dec 11, 2011
I had a dream too
by: M Mack


The words in that song say it all don't they? Im around the same time as you are in my grief journey, 1 year 5 months. Yes this is the worst that I've ever been through. I think loosing the cat reopened wounds and now another part of him is gone. Consider your beautiful dream a message from him reassuring you his love is strong. I had a dream about 6 months ago too. He gave me a great kiss but told me he didn't want me to hurt anymore and that he loves me. Finally, I had closure that he is with me in spirit somehow. I knew I needed to work on letting him go to rest in peace and not worry him about me falling apart all the time.

We are survivors and must be strong. My faith carries me and this site has helped so much getting me through the rough patches. Take care and know we are all here for you in time of need. Hang in there Judith and sending prayers for strength and comfort getting through the holidays.

Dec 11, 2011
by: SUE


I know your pain, I to lost my soul mate til - death we parted. Like you we had to put our beloved Hounddog down in April, then in May I lost the love of my life. It was like every radio station I would turn to that song Unchained melody was playing it was our song and I would cry and cry til I thought nothing was left. It wasn't long I to had a dream where my Allen said it was not my time and gave me a great long kiss and said that "David" would be good to me..I don't know a David, but I believe that it was Allen's way of saying to go on..and I have, but it doesn't mean that there isn't one day that goes by I still cry for my Allen...My day was 5-11-11..one day one step one breath..

Dec 10, 2011
Sweet Dreams
by: TrishJ

Oh Judith~
My heart aches for you....and for me. I had to put our cat down three weeks before Joe died. I wasn't over my cat's death and had to face my husband's death.

I had a dream about Joe one month ago. I had prayed to dream about him. When the dream finally came I woke up with the same empty feeling after I realized...yes.....he really was gone. He won't be with us again this Christmas. Last year he was gone only 22 days when the holiday came. I barely remember it. Going through the motions on auto pilot.

I love that song. The words really hit home don't they?

Try to have a good holiday. Let us find strength in what remains behind. We'll join them some day. When it's time. Until then we have to remain the ever strong women they married.

God bless Judith.

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