I Hate 2011 September 29

by Federico
(Balearic Islands, Spain)

Mom died last september. I try to go forward, not easy. Everyday, i cry for. I asked priests of Catholic Church about where's she. No answers. Nobody may say to me. Almost seven months after, I'm not the same man I was. True, I need more time, but i think, things gone wrong, worst. Usually, when people lost her, maybe, if they have a new family: Being a couple, having children, maybe, they can find some joy. But being alone, everythimg reminds her. I would thank this blog. Write, talk may be a really good thing. For people who has mum, an advice: Be patient, take care. Someday will be too late

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Jun 13, 2013
Hard Day
by: Federico Lambea

Tday, June 13, was her birthday. And every year, smiliong, asked to us, what gift do you have for me? Since last year, there's only sad silence.

Oct 11, 2012
A Year After
by: Federico

Past September 29 was the (horrible) anniversary, I don't feel better, is not enough time. Things remind me her everywhere. Then she passed things gone wrong yet. Someday...

May 03, 2012
Answering to all Good People
by: Federico Lambea

Specially, Dear Fiona. I was not ready for. But You must think in other people You love.Please, don't think at all. Life is not ending. I suffered (and still,) But in Life there'e a good things. I would like give to you my sweetest words. You don't die, You will live, and I give You me best wishes, from my heart. Think in beautiful things you done, Don't let the fear, the sorrow, the damage travel with You. You're More. And for rest of people who wroted me. Only, my more feelings of piety, and love for them. I'm so grateful for the words I read. This persons, haded answered me, but thy have the same pain. Wer'e Human in the most sense of this great word. I understood, reading these awesome messages (sometimes I forget), I'm not the only one I've lost my Mom, but thanks to this web page, I found Peace. Thanks to All. And Thnks to recover-from grief. com. to helped me so much.

May 02, 2012
Answering to all Good People
by: Federico Lambea

I'm grateful for these beautiful comments. True, I'm not alone at all. For people they loosed Mum. all my best regards and All my LOve. We live in differents countries, but the feels are the same. specially whe I found in my way, persons with Heart. We, the people, we must follow forward, but since today I understood. People helped me. This is a truly thanksgiving for them . I feel beloved (despite the distance>). Only give my love for these people who helped me so much!.

May 01, 2012
Help me
by: Fiona

My mother is in a stable but serious condition in intensive care 1/5/12 BUT if I lose my mother I lose everything, I have no children to live for so no grandchildren to live for. I am 47 years old and if she dies I die. I understand completely where you come from, I feel your pain with every fibre of my body, God Bless you all and we will see our beloved and our beloved pets as well in heaven!!!!

Apr 30, 2012
by: Roxy

Dear Federico,
I understand very well your feelings.My mom passed away 3 years ago and the pain still exists.I cry almost every day and every thing reminds her.I have no family only friends and I need my mom.Someone here said one day,one step..but for me doesn't work.
I realise that nothing will be the same as before my mom death.I hate 1st July 2009.
I wish to tell you that in the future will be better but for me as I told you didn't work.

Apr 30, 2012
by: Zoe

I am a widow, that is why I blog, but both of my parents have died. My mother wanted to be with my Dad, he had passed. She said it was her time, and I had to respect that. But every loss takes something from you, it changes who you are, and helps to make who you become.
I want to tell you from the point of a mother. I have two children. When I die I have written them a letter, I would like to share some of it with you.

My darlings, do not grieve for me. You are here as the best examples of my life and my legacy. You have given me the most joy and taught me the strength only a mother can know. I love you both, do not grieve my loss, because as long as you are here, then my love lives on with you and I am not really gone.

She is with you, she is in your face where you look like her she is in your heart and she is around you, the butterfly that appears out of nowhere, the flower that grows where it never grew before.

You mother would not want you to be so sad, but to celebrate her life. Because as long as your love is there, she is not really gone..

one breath, one step, one day at a time

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