I have a misscarriged sibling that I am sad because what if this one could of been my older twin sister

by Felicia

My mom had a miscarriage.

I heard that this one was gonna be born way before I was born and I heard if this miscarriage sibling of mine would be alive as the second child I would of been the third child.

Ive wanted a twin sister but I never got a twin sister but I am guessing that my miscarriage sibling could of been my twin sister or my older twin sister that was born way before me.

I don't know what my parent's would of named my sibling so I'm going to name my sibling.I hope my sibling is resting peacefully in Heaven with the other daughter's and sons.

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May 31, 2014
I have a misscarriaged sibling that I am sad becasue what if this one could have been my older twin sister?
by: Doreen UK

Felicia I know it is hard to forget who else could have been in your family. When a miscarriage happens it always causes us to ponder in life what could have been, and what our sibling would turn out to be.
My parents had 9 sets of twins between them and none of my 4 sisters or myself had twins. They say it skips a generation, so means one of my 3 children could have twins. My daughter carried a boy and lost his twin from the womb. He is five years now and a very lively boisterous boy. But adorable. This is the daughter I nearly lost at 3 months of carrying her. She is now 42yrs. of age, and an adorable Special daughter. I can't imagine life without her. It does cause me to ponder about all the lost children.
My mother lost a child and we always wonder what she would have turned out to be like. This would have made 6 girls in the family and not 5.
I like coming from a big family.
I had 3 children and wished I had more. I lost my husband 2yrs. ago to cancer and the house is so empty.

May 30, 2014
Oh I am so sorry
by: Gina Fedele

I know how that feels. I am adopted so I would not have been put into this family!!!! I know its hard to understand! If i may ask how old are you? you dont have to answer but are you a child??
i am sorry sweetie!

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