I have lost a part of me....

Over a year ago, I lost my dad tragically. He was shot and killed in an armed robbery at his business. i remember the day as if it was yesterday. i miss him so much, i feel like i have this gaping hole which cannot be filled. i walk around thinking that this wound is so large that everyone can see it and i should cover it somehow.

The hardest part of losing my dad is that i have lost a soul mate. we carried a piece of each other with us and with him passing on he has taken that piece of me with him. I find myself not having the will to carry on any longer. i wish that i could have one more day with him, because there is so much i would like to ask him and to say to him.

I feel that i have been robbed of having him with me for many more years. so while the perpetrators have been sentenced to life in prison, i sit with my own life sentence, one without my dad, without my soul mate.

i cannot bear the thought of going through life with such pain for always. my only hope is that someday the pain and the hole stop hurting as much as it does now...

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Oct 07, 2012
I have lost a part of me......
by: Doreen U.K.

WE always lose a part of ourselves when we lose a loved one from our lives.
You will feel this sorrow and grief for some time now. It is hard losing the memories ongoing daily from our loss of our loved one. WE have to go on ALONE with our sorrow and PAIN till we find it gets less painfull. All those times you could have spent with your dad all gone because of someone's sensless behaviour in taking a life without thought for the loss to those who belonged to him.
They got a life sentence and so did you. It is not fair. I remember Patrick Duffy (Dallas Actor) lost his parents some years ago to the same death. Someone shot them. With this type of death you may benefit from the support of a grief counsellor to stop the heaviness of grief.

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