I Have Lost Everything

by Terri
(Marietta, GA)

My husband of 31 years died on 01/11/11. I do not know what caused his death because he died during an ice storm and the autopsy results will still be a while. I found him dead on the bed trying to get dressed. I was mad at him that day and I let him know it and now my guilt is tearing me apart. We owned a small HVAC business together and because of the horrible economy we had lost our home of 16 years, our life insurance and now I am left with absolutely nothing. I am relying on my family to survive. Not only am I grieving his death but I am grieving the loss of my entire life. I am a huge burden and I just want to die. If it was not for my grown children I would already be dead but I am trying to get through this I just dont know how.

I feel like my life is over. I have nothing to live for. I am so alone. I know I should seek help but I have no money. I have tried to find a job but we all know what that is like right now and don't know if I could function if I did have one. I am mad that he left me. I am mad at God for taking him and I am mad at myself for being mad at him that day and not letting him know how much I loved him. He was my entire life.

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Sep 07, 2014
i feel like you
by: Anonymous

My husband of 20 yrs divorced me when I had my first attack of MS .l moved in with my sister who proceeded to steal my medication and what little money I had.my husband threatened.to kill me and bury me out back if I didn't leave maine.so I talked to t he police but ended up leaving maine .he sold or gave away all my family heirlooms and personal processions In spite of the divorce decree.I now rent a room in a boarding house but losing my RN license is the final nail in my coffin.

Jun 28, 2014
It Isn't Stopping
by: Anonymous

2007 Had to quit nursing school because of money
2008 Fiance of ten years retires on Friday, drops dead on Sat
2009-Severely fractured ankle and leg at work. Work out of wheelchair for months.
2010-Job fires me because of fracture and this is a state job and no, you cannot sue the state.
2011-Brother hit by drunk driver-on life support for three months....
2012-Three heart surgeries in one week
2013-Diagnosed with rare congenital condition called MALS and it takes 14 months to diagnosis
2014-Surgery for MALS-
Loss, loss, loss-barely hanging on to house. Suffering from horrible anxiety and panic attacks. Getting to where I cannot leave the house.
I cry all day..everyone in my family is dead, my friends are all in another state.
My rescue pets are all I have and one is so old, she will be passing soon....
How do we look up?
I dread to see what is next...

Oct 21, 2013
i iove you
by: Anonymous

Well my name is Mitch, I died twice in 07 I lost my business and everything I worked for plus my family, meaning my wife and both kids they all left cause I couldn't provide I guess, after twenty 3 years they forged checks took all my stuff and bought stuff in my name like loans spent all the money in saving on beer and drugs never paid on bill I came too after three weeks in a coma and 6 month in rehab then I was still pretty much brain dead, then a doctor gave me 3 times oxygen level and I pop back to life and truly found out that everything was gone.23 years of what I thought was a family of god. Anyway I feel your pain, , I will guaranteed he new you loved him, good luck, god bless you all the day of this life..mitch

Sep 10, 2013
another story
by: Anonymous

the way this world is sometimes it gets to me, nothing but money sex, and disappointments, i lost my car my job, and hurt my back a l4 l5 ruptured disk, and i cant lift anything pass 15 pounds as a man i should be able to lift at least 25, now im getting older and theirs just no jobs out there, and i have no car now the transmission went out 2000 to fix that car has been with me for almost 6 years with no problems, and with my back work is just so hard to find when i tell a employer about my back issues its all over, but i agree death is not the answer, i think as humans we want to die to our old life and find a new one, so we can start all over all i know the lord cares and will be back one day, and i pray that my pain will go away, and i hope my life will get better, i hope i get that job and get my car working and get my girlfriend back, if i dont get these things i just dont care anymore what happens to me, good or bad, as long as i can breath the next morning i thank God for life and my friends and my family,the lord will return and wipe all our tears away once and for all and we will be with him forever.

Feb 21, 2013
I am here to help anybody here who is suffering
by: Anonymous

I can be a listening ear. I am a comic and a healer. I understand where you've been. I have been there and continue to be there. Let me be the healing source for you.

I am Harry Artin with Electric Eel Entertainment
Use me to heal you through entertainment, insight, and love.

God Bless You


Jan 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

I had a great job and life. I lost my job when economy crashed in 2009. Then I lost my house. We have triplet daughters age 12 one has severe disabilities. My parents took in my wife and 2 of my daughters and my 3rd daughter and I moved in with my sister 1200 miles away. I got a job selling cars but don't make enough to support us or to have health care or even re-unite us. My family is running out of patience with our situation and also can't afford to continue helping us. I feel sick all the time and worthless because I can't properly care for my family. I think the only reason I haven't killed myself is it would make even more burden and sadness for my daughters. I don't know what to do or where to go.

Jun 13, 2012
Think twice
by: Arvindh

Only thing i want to tell
Suicide is a permanent relief for temporary problems
so dnt think abt it

Jun 03, 2012
Total Loss
by: Anonymous

I am 49 years old and have lost everything. My house, car, career, family and daughter. It started three years ago but alcoholism destroyed everything.

I got back on the right path one year ago and have been so er. Now Im having these intense feelings of total loss and can't stop crying. I face the loss of the one thing that kept it together. My girlfriend. And now I'm totally shattered.

Mar 07, 2012
Don't need to die
by: Anonymous

You don't need to die have a new beginning. In life you can have a million or billion dollars but are you happy with all the money. Some will be happy some won't be happy. I myself have lost things in my life too but I need to cope on living too. Sometimes you lost stuffs and you can't take it back at all. If you lost your love one's maybe you can find another one in a short time. If you lost money or whatever you can have another chance to get back your money later. Just live your life and try new things to survive. If you can't find a job try new things maybe it will be better or you will find success soon. Maybe join a new organization or start a business as soon as possible. So you dont need to DIE now or wanted to SUICIDE in a few days.

Mar 14, 2011
Grief Share
by: Anonymous

May I recommend the web site Grief Share to you? They are a wonderful nationwide grief assistance group. There should be many locations to choose from in your area. Just go on to the website www.griefshare.com and put your zip code in. The meetings are held at local churches and are absolutely free. Please sign up for the daily emails. They are a huge help.

I too am in your situation. My husband was very ill before he passed away several months ago. All of our resources were depleted during his illness. We lost our home, I quit my job to take care of him. I'm currently living in my sister's home ~ her entire family is getting on my last nerve. I feel stuck. My children (young adults ~ both married) have moved on. They care about me but they are both so busy. I sit and cry and feel sorry for myself. The days are long and lonely.

We all need to depend on God to get us through this. God and this wonderful website.
Blessings to you and please check out the web site.

Mar 13, 2011
by: Anonymous


Mar 13, 2011
Praying for you
by: Debir

I truly understand how you're feeling. (Hubby died 9-21-10) And I know that those who have not lost someone so close (in God's eyes, our souls are joined as one with marriage) cannot really grasp the depth of our loss and how it affects every part of our life. I too struggle financially, in part due to his (no longer "ours" it seems) children's greed (long story). My own children (who Ambrose treated as "ours") are trying to help me, but have their own $$ struggles. Because his death has changed every aspect of your life, it may seem like all is lost. Please believe that some things are just on hold. Grief is VERY HARD WORK and I don't claim to be doing it successfully, but remember that your friends/family/and even strangers care (even though it's hard to see/feel) and that time will soften (no, never erase) the pain. You are in my prayers doll!

Mar 13, 2011
by: Kymberly

Terri, I'm reaching out as I too am grieving a loss. Every minute of every hour I have thought what could I have done differently. I know your angry at God right now, but I found in having no money a priest was always willing to talk to me, to listen and attempt to understand my pain. I'm not a super religious person...but I have got to pick myself back up. I can't continue to not function, I can't give up. I hope you find some peace. I've prayed for it every day since my loss.

Mar 13, 2011
Lost everything
by: M Mack


I am really sorry for your loss. This grief is the worst pain for everyone to shoulder and you are not alone. The fact that you were angry with him, the day of doesn't mean you didn't love him and I'm sure he knows that. We are human and to forgive and forget rings true in all relationships. Don't be so hard on yourself. There is much more going on than you getting mad and his passing. You are not the blame or responsible for Gods plans. It's out of your control and even though you are feeling you were the problem - you are not the reason this happened. Get some support from a church. Look online for support groups in the area that are free. You won't believe the free help there is out there if you look for it. Come to this site anytime since everyone here has been through these feelings. I hope you get some closure when the autopsy is reported. For now hang in there- take your time with this process and know you are not alone. You have my prayers.

Mar 13, 2011
Losing everything


Things are rough all over. I have kin in GA and I know that that as many other places are dry job wise. Do not feel ashamed or alone. You can come here and lean on us any time. Also you can find grief meetings through churches or call the cope line listed in the phone book they will guide you to some help.

We have all argued with our Loves. I know that personally I have had some doozies over the dumbest stuff. I know it seems like you have lost everything and things seem helpless.

We have all lost every thing or anything that mattered financially and emotionally. You are not alone, we share your grief. Take things day by day. You will piece your life together, I know that sounds impossible but we all are trying to do just that. There are others here living with family trying to make it on their own and succeeding. Our lives are all evolving into a new life its hard but I promise you you will make it. Hold on just one step at a time.

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