I just loss My Grand-ma

My Grandmother is more beautiful

My Grandmother is more beautiful

It was a few days before Christmas and my Grandmother was in the hospital because she was not feeling very well and she had diabetes and in so much pain. My dad told me that she will get better or at least be fine. Three Days Later, I was at a friends house and I have just went in the shower. I came out with my friend mom rubbing my fathers back while he was crying. He told me to come to him and he had to tell me something and it was really important. He told me that my (My Grandma died this morning)and just fell apart and start crying and I told him ( STOP LYING TO ME SHE IS DID NOT DEAD) BUT he didn't say no. Christmas was very hard and it keeps going on from there it has still been hard. My stepmother and My dad are fighting and going there own ways and she has been putting more and more and more stress on him. He can't eat or sleep , which I am really sorry for. She is a B and she will not stop unless she gets whats she wants. She has been calling my friends mom names about taking her family away and that my dad has been secretly being with her ( which is not true because I like going over there and playing games and having fun, which i do not do at home. I hope my dad gets better and me too because

I miss my GRANDMA and i love her very much

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Dec 29, 2012
I just lost my Grand-ma
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your grandma so suddenly and for the loss of your happiness on Christmas Day. DEATH caused the family to fracture and any unresolved conflicts will hit hard at this time making things worse. It is at this time that families can fall apart and split up. Try and not take sides and look at things impartially otherwise if your Dad and stepmom got back together all those people that expressed negative remarks will feel awkward. Better to let them sort things out themselves. But you can still offer your father your best support and just be available for him.
When we lose special people from our lives we will wonder how we can go on in life. It is hard but we have to wake up each new day and do it all over again. WE will keep losing people from our lives as long has we have a mortal life. Only God has immortality and He can Help us through our grief. But this is a slow process to find healing. Life will get better for you in time. You just have to realise that we each have a time to live and a time to die. I can't understand why I didn't have more time of living with my husband. I guess the mother who loses a child or the Adult child asks the same questions and they are younger. I can't understand the pain of someone who has had a child murdered. I guess we will all go on with unanswered questions. But this we know. God created Life. He took it back and we will with HOPE see our loved ones again. Hold onto this HOPE.

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